May Monster Madness 2014!

May 30, 2014 Blog Hop 14


May Monster Madness is here again! Lori and I (Lindsay) wanted to try something new, so we collaborated to create this gem 😉 I wasn’t sure if our blog could handle so much awesome, but we somehow managed to squeeze it in.

La Petite Mort


“Fucking shoes,” I grumbled to myself as I staggered down the stairs and into the street. I leaned against the rough brick until I regained some sort of balance. I looked down at the cork platform shoes strapped to my feet. It had to be the shoes that were causing me to teeter… couldn’t possibly be the shots of tequila. Or the Jack.

The club’s door slammed open against the wall, letting out a blast of deep bass. “Cassie! Don’t leave pissed.” The big, dumb jock tumbled through the door, breathing his beer breath into my face. “I’m sorry, okay? I thought she was you.”

“I’m calling bullshit, Trip. Your hands seemed a little full with her double Ds. Couldn’t possibly have thought that was me.” I grabbed my own chest, hardly a handful, to prove my point. I scoffed as loudly as I could, loving when I sprayed a gob of spit at his stupid face. I pushed away from the wall and tried to stalk off with dignity, swinging my arms to hide my wobbling steps.

Trip called after me weakly. Following after me meant less makeout time with the blond bimbo. My fury burned through my alcohol haze, but I still found myself shaking my head to clear it. The further I got from the club, the more my stomping turned to carefully placed steps.

I managed to make it a few blocks away from the club before I heard Trip running to catch up to me. No way in hell was I going to deal with that dickhead right now! I ducked into the small greenspace along the riverbank. The shrubs snagged at my nylons and tugged at my hair, but I pushed through until I could see the moon glistening off of the water through the trees. I ducked down into the shadows and waited for him to pass me by. Hiding was a better option than running, because if there was one thing I knew, it was that these shoes were not made for running.



The little girl thought she could hide from me. I could smell her. Her perfume was a noxious mix of flowers, and alcohol. It was disgusting, why these humans thought they needed to hide their natural scents was beyond me. Of course, the human shell I wore was just as shallow as the one cowering in the greenery ahead of me.

My meat sack, Sam, I think her name is, was average height, a little round, but still slim enough to be considered beautiful by other pretentious meat sacks. Her hair was long, a brown so dark it looked black. She had cat shaped green eyes. Men found her exotic and alluring. It made getting prey easy, if I were hunting for men. I prefered women though. Of the meat sacks I found women to be the more complex prey. Men wanted one thing, and some women did too. But most women pretended like that wasn’t their end goal as well.

The shrubs moved, the girl, still intoxicated, could scarcely stand. I decided to call out to her. I was tired of observing her, I was ready to feast. Sure I could find anyone in the world to merely feed. But I wanted more with this one.

“Hey, you don’t have to hide from me,” my voice was a sweet song. This human had a very kind voice, but I poured a bit of my power into it, to intoxicate her brain. No matter how drunk she was she would remember me. “It’s not safe for you to be walking alone, come on out and I’ll walk with you.” I could see her peeking above the bushes at me. I painted the sweetest smile this human possessed on my face.



A woman’s voice cut through the air. It was a voice that made me think of being warm and buried deep into a bed of feather pillows. It was love, home and freshly baked cookies all rolled into one. It called to me. Before I could stop myself, I was back on my feet and halfway to the street.

I stumbled out from the bushes, nearly toppling into the woman who had beckoned to me. She was tall, but not awkwardly so. I can’t help but feel self-conscious of my stubby legs. Even with my heels on I only come up to her chin. I let my eyes roam over her tan skin, clearly not a fake and bake job. I swore I looked fabulous when I left the house, but I suddenly felt quite inadequate.

I hugged my arms around my middle as the woman reached a hand toward me. “Hi, I’m Sam. I saw you duck into the bushes, and I.. well, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Cassie,” I said, delicately holding her perfectly manicured hand in my own.

Sam’s eyes roamed down my body, but instead of frowning at my dress, now dirty from my hike through the woods, I swore I saw her eyes widen and the corner of her lips pull into a small smile. “I just thought, maybe it would be nice to walk together. Safety in numbers, you know.” She finally looked up into my eyes and I felt a heat begin to simmer beneath my skin.

“Sure. Sounds like a good idea.” Does it? I snuck a peek at her tiny clutch purse. Hardly large enough for a compact and lipstick, let alone a gun. She didn’t seem dangerous at all. In fact, she seemed… smooth… and soft…

I fell into step beside her. I trusted her. I didn’t stop her as her fingers snaked around my own.



“Are you sure you want to come over and have a sleepover tonight? I don’t want to pressure you, but you seemed pretty shaken up by your douchebag boyfriend…” My voice trailed off. I was playing the caring sister of solidarity. It wasn’t really needed. As soon as my fingers touched hers my venom coursed through her system. It was a small dose meant to keep her calm and open to suggestion. She already trusted me, like most meat sacks do. She followed me like a willing victim. The walk to my apartment was smooth going. I probably could have gotten this girl to come with me without the venom, but better safe than sorry.

Once inside my apartment I laid it on thick. I needed full skin to skin contact to feed, and the easiest way to do this with humans was through sex. Cassie was not as reluctant. Not at all. Not until I started drinking her blood that is. That seemed to wake her up. Sometimes it did. Lost in my the pleasure of feeding I didn’t see her grab her keys until it was too late. She jabbed them into my my neck and the sides of my face. Lifting up from her collarbone where I had been feeding, blood drained out of my mouth and down my body as I laughed. I dosed her with some more of my venom and she came back under my spell. Her death happened quickly, in the midst of blood. But I did give her one last smile before I took all of her into me.


*  *  *

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the other blogs to see what monster madness they came up with 😉

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  • Annie Walls

    Love this, gals! Super MMM post!!!!!

    • Lindsay Galloway

      xoxo 😉

    • Lori Parker

      Muchas Gracias!

  • Witchy J

    Great story.

    • Lindsay Galloway

      Thanks for checking us out 😀

    • Lori Parker


  • That’s a big bundle of creepy! Well done! (I loved the “pretentious meat sack” line.)

    • Lori Parker

      Thanks Lexa!

  • LittleGothicHorrors

    Awesome, indeed! I love the two different perspectives!

    • Lori Parker

      😀 Thanks.

  • Beverley Collins

    Really good. I love the switch in the PoV and the evident contempt of the monster for her prey.

    • Lori Parker

      LOL, so it shows that I’m not a people person? Err I mean the monster. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Winter Moon

    This is perfect!
    Like “love, home and freshly baked cookies, all rolled into one”

    • Lindsay Galloway

      Thanks! And thank you for stopping by! 😀