More Drama: I don’t want to do this….I really dont!

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Introducing the Stop the GR Bullies Campaign

this is not a good thing

I spent all day thinking about this site that I stumbled upon last night. I mean literally, I spent the whole fuggin day thinking about it. Compound this dilema with a timely post by the ever awesome Bookish Brunette about the issues that the blogger community is going through (thank goodness I am a newbie and have thusly avoided said drama) and my fuggin head is going to explode. I realize that is a whole different bag of chips…but come on you have to be blind to not see this is all a whole interconnected web of drama. I mean it.

I know I am keeping you guys hanging….wait a minute. I am deciding if I should feed into the drama fest that Stop the GR Bullies website is…

Let me pose this question. Do you want the link to the site? Would you like to make an informed opinion on this shit storm or just take my word that this is beyond…low?

What this site does is just spread more hate. They claim to be combating the Goodreads bullies through…wait for it….bullying. Shut the front door!
What it really does is call out some super snarky ladies who have waged war on other reviewers (mainly those defending a bad behaving author or rude people) and authors who over step their professional boundaries. Really, all they are doing is allowing these people to claim to be vicitims. Which now that this web page exists they are…victims. They are victims of your grossness…I mean eww.  I can’t speak to any of the people they are calling out. I do not run in their Goodreads circle. I have my own super supremo awesomsauce book circle on Goodreads (cooommmeee jjjjoooiiiinn mmmeee). Seriously, friend me. But for the love of Goodness and Light and Sugar and Spice and Delish Mexican food answer the fuggin question. You have no idea how mad I get when people blow right by that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I do know of Wendy Darling through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. The site seems to take issue with her and others not giving out their real info on Goodreads.They claim they are hiding behind nicknames so they can be free to be bullies. Hello, not all people are comfortable with having their lives out there for everyone. I refuse to wear my name tag at work. Why? Because I don’t want random people knowing my name (it didn’t work they still say hi Lori in Wal Mart). So what did these random NOT AUTHORS (lol..rrriiigghhtt) do. Well they dug up the 411 on these peeps. They haven’t actually gotten to Wendy and I really hope they get shut down before they do. If I recall correctly they are trying to figure out who Wendy is….and if you don’t know who the frugg Wendy Darling is and why this is not her real name then you are way too young to be on this site. Go play Roblox guys…or I’m telling your mom you’re on Aunt Lori’s blog!

Ok before you think I am all ohh poor Goodreads bullies….STOP. I am not saying that reviewers do not participate in gross behavior. It is a 2 way street. Someone comes onto someone elses post and says something that doesn’t agree with the review….BOOM there are 13 different people up on the board…holding hoops and throwing down!!!! *snap snap snap*. It is a very intimidating place to find yourself (I imagine). But out right bullying…I’m not sure. It’s just not these ladies either. Happens all the time. The women profiled on this site just happen to be very popular Goodreaders.

This is the most recent Goodreads drama that happenend. It started off with a very thoughtful and intelligent REVIEW. Then it turned into THIS. Gross…right?

This is how this usually happens….
Review…”I  didn’t like this etc etc etc and how the author can consider this ok is just beyond me etc etc etc etc….” It can range from pretty innocent to down right rude. I’ve seen all kinds.
First few comments on the review:
“Oh you are so right” (which, damn right they better say you are right…their your friggin goodreads homies).
INCOMING opposing side (other reviewer and sometimes *cringe* author)…”You guys are being rude etc”…..
BOOM- Shit just hit the fan. The original reviewer is on their goodreads/twitter/facebook calling in the troops (if they aren’t already there)
They just start going off…gah you are so wrong…and dumb and wrong and wrong. And we aren’t going to tell you that you are wrong nicely…cause we gots snark yo!
Now if you are an unfortunate lonesome reviewer you have two choices…fight a losing battle, or just leave. Or you can call in forces…but for some reason I never see this happen….why oh why are you not getting your friend in this…oh because you are trying to take the high ground. *Bravo Bravo*- I mean it. So few are taking the high ground anymore.

Do you feel singled out. Yes. But you must understand you are commenting on someone else’s review. If you go in there on a high horse you will get a bad reaction. If you go in and make thoughtful and excellent points about the book and you still get attacked then that is on them. Not You.

Now if it’s one of those authors (they are on these peoples lists for a very real reason) they are on their goodreads/twitter/facebook calling in their troops. True story guys. I have seen it happen. Once again I get it…you feel you are being personally attacked. But so does the other side and they paid money to read your book. So keep that in mind. I have no sympathy at all if you start calling people douches and morons. None.

Needless to say the rest of us have gotten our popcorn and are letting you entertain us for the evening. Dear REFRESH button…you are my pal!

So while it is momentarily amsuing for the masses in the end it does no one good. DEAR GOODREADS ANTI BULLYING WHATEVERS– you are not helping the situation. You are making it worse. You are being gross. You do not turn YOUR “bullies” into the bullied. It doesn’t work that way. That’s like giving a crack head an 8 ball.  All you are doing is enabling them and empowering them.

*Fail-safe if the SGRB people take offense with me* Hello. My name is Lori Parker. My goodreads link is in the above rant. Feel free to check me out there. I am 28. I live in Pella, Ia. I have a 2 year old daughter. I do at home daycare, and I work at a pizza place. I often eat at the Windmill Cafe and Georges Pizza. (they really post this crap about the people they are “investigating”). The last time I got drunk was at a friends wedding in Sept of 2011. I went to college at the University of Iowa. I have a BA in anthropology and I drank lots of alcohol. We weren’t ranked the 4 party school by mistake. Need anymore useless but pervy invasion of privacy info about me. Please just don’t ask.

Now do you see why I say be respectful when you are commenting and giving an opposing view on someone else’s review on Goodreads? Now do you get it? I don’t want you to get the verbal beat down. I’m not saying  don’t voice your opnion but… just beware. OK?
Well peeps. I’m out. It’s DORA time…gotta read…something.
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Oh and this:

xoxo Lori
Hold the phone? Que? Oh, my Fifty Shades reviews were, harsh, snarky and rude? I know. I won’t change them. I very rarely change my gut reaction to a book. I feel very strongly that these books are calling abuse BDSM and telling women this is sexy. If you wish to get into a debate about this with me…well….I just….wouldn’t. I won’t engage. I won’t argue about abuse. It is what it is!
Also read Rhiannon Fraters awesomesauce, much more eloquent post about this situation HERE!
Bless that woman she is smart, talented and super amazing to her friends. All hail the mighty Rhiannon. I mean it. She manages to walk to fine line between professional and friendly with her readers.
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  • Ill be honest, I have not read the Fifty Shades books, mainly just because of what I have heard about it. I do however, encourage everyone to read the Mark Hill article about it on Zug.Com.