My LOVE of YA!!! (hint there is a contest in here)

November 6, 2012 Uncategorized 0

What I love about YA and YA authors?
Besides the fact that they write epicness that I love to read? I’ve never really thought about why I love YA but Beth Revis who wrote the amazing Across the Universe has tasked those of use who want to win an epic signed book library with writing a blog post about it. SO you want to try and win these books. I guess I can be nice and give you a link. Just click the graphic below or the one on my side bar and it will take you right to it. 
Back to the topic. I love YA simply because they are books written to entertain. To grip the reader and take them for a supreme awesome ride. They have love stories and that bring flutters. They have action and angst. They take me away and make me happy. A good YA book will leave me reeling for days. Every single book in this giveaway is a book that I LOVE or would LOVE to read. 
Best of luck to everyone else entering this contest. 

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