Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

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4 Stars ~Kami’s Review

Oh Vlad I have been waiting for you for a long time. I loved Vlad in the Night Huntress series, and after reading the spinnoff books for both Mencheres and Spade I was itching to get my hands on Vlad. Tall, dark, handsome, and ruthless Dracula. *sigh*

We start off getting to know Leila, who at the time goes by Frankie (short for Frankenstein). After a freak accident with a downed powerline 12 years ago, Leila walked away with not only a hideous scar running down her face from her temple to her forearm, but some special abilities. With a simple touch Leila can see your worst sin, see both your past and your future, and she can also kill you with the Electric currents running through her body. Any contact at all with another person she she shocks them. It is worse in her right hand though.

Leila gets kidnapped by a group of vampires who want to use her to find Vlad by touching objects that he has touched. When she finds Vlad he can hear her in his head since he can her human thoughts. She explains to him what is going on and how the vampires want him, so he agrees to come rescue her and kill the others.

After getting rescued however he is not ready to let her go. Since he is a vampire he can handle her touch, however since he can literally control fire, her touch doesnt hurt him at all. Her vampire friend Marty can only handle her touch for up to an hour before she would literally cook him from the inside out. Vlad takes her back to his home so they can work on finding out who sent these vampires to try and kill him.

In an attempt to prove to Leila that their attraction to one another is not simply just due to his undead status, he offers to let her fuck anyone on his staff. Maximus asks that she give him a chance to pursue her before anyone else jumps to the occasion. Poor Maximus works so much for Vlad that he dont often get the chance to take a woman to bed. Leila agrees to be courted by Maximus. After a tour of the house the next day with Maximus it becomes clear that what she feels with Vlad is strikingly different than what she feels for any other undead male. Even a hot kiss cant make her feel for Maximus, but she agrees to give it a week to see if her feelings change.

After working out and running into some of the ‘blood donors’ Leila faints and Vlad comes to the rescue. A call to her friend Marty reveals that he has been giving her small doses of vampire blood once a week since he met her because her abilities were slowly killing her. Since Marty is out on assignment for him, Vlad offers his blood to Leila. A few hot moments later and they are interrupted by Maximus before anything bigger can happen. They have visitors.

In comes both Mencheres, Bones, Cat and Kira. I had expected more than just a brief appearance from Cat and Bones in this book, and I was a little disappointed that we didnt see them more. Everyone leaves and Leila is anxious to eat dinner with Vlad only to have Maximus explain that he is not available. He then tells her that since Vlad offered her his blood and she accepted that she belongs to Vlad now. Pissed off, she fumes all night and most of the next day before she decides to do something about it. She finds the ‘blood donors’ going out to the club and decides to join them.

After an attack on the club in an effort to either capture or kill Leila, Vlad barely makes it back in time to save her life. Giving her yet more of his blood she is good as new. Vlad recovers some bones from their attackers and Leila is able to get some visions of who ordered the hit on her. After that there really wasnt any reason for them to hold back their passion any longer. *insert* hot, steamy sex scene here, and there you go. Did you expect anything less?

After some work with a sketch artist we discover that the vampire behind the attacks is someone that Vlad thought he had killed many years ago. They were both sired by the same vampire. Thinking that Leila’s family might be kidnapped and used against her, Vlad has them picked up and brought to his home. Leila has a lot of issues with her dad and sister Gretchen. Neither are happy to be there and do not believe the story that Leila has cooked up so she wouldnt have to tell them about vampires.

When Leila’s friend Marty stops answering his phone, she must touch something that Marty has touched in order to get a link and find him. The only choice they have is the manacles in Vlad’s basement that were used when Marty was being questioned. Take into consideration how old Vlad is, and imagine how many people have been imprisoned with these manacles. The onslaught of memories is overwhelming and heartwrenching for Leila. At first she is revulsed by Vlad’s touch since she saw him torturing the people in her memories, but that soon fades as she accesses another memory from his jacket, this one about her. Turns out Marty has been kidnapped.

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