Out of the Dark by Quinn Loftis (The Grey Wolves #4)

June 6, 2012 lady writers, werewolves, young adult 4

5 Stars
This book picks up right where the last one left off. Jen is injured out in the woods where the healer Rachel, thought to be dead, finds her. Decebel, Jen’s mate, is out of his mind with worry. Through their thoughts Jen makes him promise to help her friends to safety before coming to look for her. He reluctantly agrees. Rachel and her mate Gavril rescue Jen and take her back to their home to care for her. Jen is able to tell Decebel who she is with before he is hit with a couple of curses from the evil witch. Two curses, one to make him forget all happy memories (yes that includes his mate), and the other to make it so he is the only one who can find Jen. Since he cant remember his mate, he cannot track her via smell.

Under the advisement of the fae Peri, Rachel severs Jen and Decebel’s bond. They do this so that she will not be able to feed him any information as to their whereabouts. The witch not only seeks to harm the Romanian pack, but to acquire a healer. Rachel and her mate have been in hiding for a very long time and cannot risk being found by the witch.

Severing the bond turns out to have dire consequences. Both Decebel and Jen become very sick. After a long trek in the woods Peri the fairy leads Sally, Costin, Cynthia, and Decebel the the place where the veil to fairy is, but is found by Gavril who delivers the news that Jen is dying. Costin and Gavril go back to retreive Jen to bring her to Decebel. They return the following morning, and all of them go into fairy. With several blood donations from Decebel Jen is able to hang on to life by a thread. The only way to for sure save Jen’s life is to for her and Decebel to finish the bond with the blood rites. Jen will not do this until Decebel has his memories back, and Decebel will not get his memories back until he loves Jen again. Will Jen’s pride become the death of her?  Will Dec ever get his memories back?

If I tell anymore I will be giving too much away. I love this series. The characters are great, and I always find myself laughing at the things these girls say. The story is compelling and the writing is very good. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

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  • Thank you so much for taking time to read my book and do a review! I really appreciate it!

    • Really thank you for writing such great books! Also for taking the time to read my review. <3

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    There are many surprises in this book…I laughed and was touched by the love and loyalty and then found myself tearing up for both heart warming and heartbreaking moments.

    • I agree it was the same for me.