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Ok, right now I am reading Reaper by Emily Goodwin. I actually had to read Unbound super fast to beta read Reaper. I had it on my kindle but had never gotten to it. Lame. Yep, I feel really lame right now. I LOVED Unbound. It was awesomesauce. I am now well into Reaper and I just couldn’t not go on bing today and search for bits and pieces of Anora’s life. I mean really. How cool are witches? When Charmed the tv show first came out my whole family was obsessed with it. Add in a splash of Supernatural and you have Unbound and Reaper. It’s so beautiful. So I actually dedicated a pinterest board to it. Ok…ok it’s for all books I read in the future but for now it’s all about Anora. You can go check it out HERE. My major squeal of the day came when I saw that Emily had repinned one of my pins as exactly what it was supposed to be Anora’s house. How awesome. Ok. I’m done fangirling on ya’all. 

And because I can’t resist I’m throwing in the Charmed theme song…aka The Smiths How Soon Is Now?

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