Reading Across The Nation… Canada, that is… (Part 1)

September 5, 2013 Lindsay's reviews 0

For those of you who don’t know, I recently packed up my children into the van and drove halfway across the country. The total trip was five people crammed into a van, driving across four provinces a total of 5840km (we don’t do miles up here, but it’s roughly 3628 mi) over 16 days. Am I insane? Probably. But we had a damn good time!

I was so organized, I swear. I wrote lists of everything we needed, packing it all carefully into labelled bins, stacked carefully to maximize the van’s storage capacity. And then what do I do? I forget my kindle at work the night before we leave, and they won’t be open again for three days! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!? Now, I have to hike books with me across the country and their weight and bulk don’t fit into my perfectly managed system!! Not only that, but I have signed up for two tours, and the reviews are due while I’m somewhere in British Columbia!

While my mom and hubby were all for expediting my kindle to BC, I was lucky enough to have PDF formats on my laptop. My mom made me a super indestructible case for my computer and it joined me on our journey. So this was my standard reading layout each night after the kids were in bed.IMG_2567

I did, of course, bring books as well, because what was I supposed to do if I actually managed to finish my tour books? Or, heaven forbid, the battery on my laptop died? So I also read Angelfall by Susan Ee. THANK YOU LORI for sending me this book! I loved it! (Review to come in a few days) Don’t ask why Maka Paka is in the picture. He had a funny way of sneaking in there.


We left the house at 5am, using some kind of moronic logic, thinking we could take sleeping kids from their beds and then they would sleep for an hour or two while we drove across Manitoba. We had planned a nine hour drive to our first camping site. The kids thwarted us, obviously, by getting up early and staying awake for the entire drive. By the time we got to the site, we were all ridiculously exhausted… which is probably why this happened. IMG_2565Do you know what that is? That, my friend, is a flattened suitcase. A certain adult *coughNOT MEcough* ran over it with the van. Uh huh. I wish I had thought of taking a picture of it BEFORE we managed to untangle it from our van’s undercarriage, but I was too busy swearing, and then laughing until I cried. For the next few days we could tell which clothes were clean by the dried grass stuck all over them.

Bugs were bad… they only got worse before they got better.  (That is the front bumper of the van after the first day. We didn’t bother washing the van until we reached our destination five days later)

But mostly our trip out was scenic and perfect. Bliss!


IMG_2603 <——- World’s Largest Dinosaur!! (Drumheller, AB)


Stay tuned for Part 2: the return trip and what I learned about camping with kids.

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