Reading Across The Nation… Canada, that is… (Part 2)

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The purpose of our trip was to visit family, and it was just a bonus that they live on Vancouver Island. Born and raised on the prairies, I have a sense of respect and awe when it comes to mountains and rainforests. I could very easily live there (Or at least NOW I could. I tried it once when I was young and foolish. I ran out of cash after two months – luckily, my mom was happy to have me home).

Ocean beaches, towering trees, giant slugs and family. It was a perfect vacation, and like all perfection, it eventually came to an end. The kids were exhausted, and the first day of school was looming. Time to go home. After much deliberation, we decided to hoof it home in only four days, instead of the six we took to get out there. Our longer drives resulted in us putting the tent up in the dark on the first night. Is it my fault we fell behind schedule when we got lost? Probably; I MAY have been driving…

Strangely enough, we don’t have a lot of pictures of the way home. We were too busy dodging projectiles from the back seat and cleaning poo from the kids’ hands (Two – count ’em, TWO – kids ended up with shit on their hands. Animal of origin unknown.) to bother picking up the camera. Plus, I suppose things are a little less interesting the second time around. Been there, done that.

IMG_2853 <—– Goats on a roof


1) While sticker books seem like a good idea at the time, they’re only useful when the kids aren’t tired. Otherwise they become a good weapon. As do shoes, pillows, apple cores and good, old fashioned fists and feet.

2) While booking a campsite, check its proximity to railway tracks.IMG_3031

3) Expect all kind of pictures when you let the kids use the camera.

4) Even short drives are long, when kids are involved.



I think that signs are hilarious. I caused much eye rolling when I pulled over on the side of the road, more than once, to take a picture of a sign that made me giggle. Here are just a few of them.

IMG_2841 Ummmmm…… what?
IMG_3018 Should be considered armed and dangerous. Approach with caution.
IMG_3037 I don’t know what your signs are like, but I grew up with the ones in Manitoba where the deer are all happy and prancing. The ones in SK and AB made it look like crazy demon deer with glowing yellow eyes were going to come charging out of the trees at my car.
IMG_2576  <—– My son’s name is Kyle, so he was obviously enthralled by “his” sign
IMG_2610  <—– I was pretty enthralled with my sign too. Even though the car clearly had my name on it, that apparently doesn’t make it “mine”.

And so, until next year, our trip is at an end, leaving us all struggling to get back into some semblance of routine. *sigh* I need a break.

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