Really? Can we please just stop with the Goodreads crap!?

September 3, 2013 general update 6

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Dudes, seriously. Seriously! SERIOUSLY! It’s enough. This whole blogger/reviewer vs author bullshit! It’s enough. Goodreads is what it is, and it’s never going to change. No matter how many petitions you put out. And further more, it doesn’t need to change. As consumers we are allowed to say whatever the hell we want. Do I agree with the way some reviewers go about reviewing books, HELL NO! I also don’t author bait. But I am a sarcastic person, and it comes through in my reviews. And I refuse to change who I am, or my own voice to please people. I’m too old for that shit.

Let’s look at this in another way. Say for instance you are out to eat. The wait staff is a bit fumbly (amazon) but all in all they are fairly competent.
Then you get your food, and it’s all wrong, or a little wrong, or not what you thought it would be (the book).
You’re paying for it, so you think, either they make this right, or I won’t pay….and not only that, but you might be a bit on the rude side, or over the top rude, or you might not say anything at all. (the reviewer).
I’ve seen it happen. I’ve been a the recieving end of it. It sucks, but hey it’s my job and I did mess up. I suck it up, put a fucking smile on my face (sometimes) and make the customer something new (always). Because it’s called customer service. And readers on Goodreads are customers. They can be as rude as they want to be. I’m not claiming this in the big bad federal rights way, but in this way I spend my hard earned money on something, I can say to my friends, “Dude that sucked. I’d rather eat donkey balls than go back to that place.” Does it hurt people’s feelings? Sure it does.

But the thing about people, they get over it. I do. I have never held a grudge against a customer who told me my food was old, even when they are wrong. Or that I messed up their food. Mainly because I’d lose my job if I told our customers that they are a bunch of idiots. I like buying books so I keep my damn mouth shut. But also because I’m not an outright rude person.

Sure I’m pretty uncouth, and I’m honest. My honesty is crass, and harsh, but it’s not fake because it comes with curse words and images of dog shit. Not all honesty is coated in sugar, and hand delivered by butterflies. It’s. Just. Not. And even if it was, it’d still hurt. The truth hurts. Period. Then there is this thing about reading and reviews it’s all subjective. What may have rocked my world, might be the most boring thing you have ever read. It changes from person to person and reading to reading. Hell I have re-read books that I loved, and thought to myself. WTF? Was I smoking crack when I read this the first time? What may look like a bunch of editing errors to me, looks like a writing style to someone else. And the list can go on and on.

Here’s the right thing to do! You click out of that browser, or don’t log onto the site. You share the reviews with trusted friends (people who won’t go and troll the troller). Then you go out and write another book, and you grow as a writer. Never feed the monster.

You want to sell books because of your talent, then shut up and promote. You want to sell books because people are trying to find out what all the fuss and drama is about, then cool make a big shit storm. Yeah some will read your book because you’re acting childish, but more than likely you won’t like what they have to say. DO NOT EVER WRITE A POST endorsing the StGRB site. NEVER. Lucky for this author he took the high road and figured out the StGRB was NOT something he wanted to link to. But earlier when I had read the post it was linked, and some comments were in support of the site. Gross. You want to make a statement and stop bullies. Then do it in your personal life with REAL bullies. The ones who are so mean that our school children feel the need to kill themselves, or kill each other. A purposefully harsh reviewer on goodreads isn’t a bully. They are a trolls. (Not all) some want you to comment, because you are going to get their likes bumped up. Some are just really brutally honest. But because you can’t tell the difference it’s best to not say anything to them, or about them in public.

There are authors out there that publish because they like writing, and want to share it with the world. Then there are full time writers who use their incomes from writing to survive, just like I work in the food industry to survive. The only difference is I have a boss that keeps my foul mouthed self in line. Who keeps those authors in line, well no one, but the end result is the same. You don’t satisfy the customer you don’t get paid.

Things to remember about Book Reviewers and Book Bloggers:

*We are not professionals.

*We are not being paid for the books we review and unless it was a request, we pay for our own books. And the books we don’t pay for, we are asked to give our honest opinion.

*We are one person not a billion. AND bad reviews do make sales! I BUY books based on bad reviews more often than I do for books with good reviews.

Now here is my promise as a book blogger, and reviewer. I promise to NEVER attack you as an author. I promise to not share you work with anyone outside of my review team. I promise to never post your personal business, aside from links and bio, on my blog. I expect the same from you! 

Now I pose a question. Do people think that bloggers never suffer from being treated like crap by authors? I’ve had authors snub me because my blog isn’t up to snuff; I don’t have enough followers, they don’t like my design, etc. All things that can reflect on me personally. When authors and publishers say my followers aren’t enough I get upset. Why? Because I love my followers, and I have worked my ass for them. Just like you and your book. But then I remember all the awesome people who are in my corner and I get over myself.  I’m glad I don’t live in this world. The world where it has to be Goodreads/Reviewers vs. Authors. I love my author friends as much as my blogger friends. I would never have gotten through this summer without all the awesome support I received from this community. You came together and helped heal me when my heart was hurting, and I will forever be grateful.

But I’m tired of being told I should leave Goodreads because it is the DEVIL, and the people on there are meaners! I like Goodreads, it’s a great tool for me as a reader and reviewer. As an writer trying to publish my first book. It sucks. It’s not author user friendly. At all.

My point is that there are bigger and more important issues in this world to deal with. World hunger, real bullies, poverty, inequality that we can be putting our time into. Me, I just signed about 6 pledges to stop bullying. I talk to my niece and nephew about it. I support them. I teach them how to be fun, and let loose and be themselves. If you want to make a difference in this community, let’s be positive instead of slinging shit at each other.

Let’s all put our grown up pants back on and move on. As for me. I’m going to keep trolling goodreads for noobs!!! Muah! (Kidding)



**This is my personal opinion and advice. You don’t have to do what I suggest.




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  • Kristin@Blood, Sweat and Books

    This entire post is a win. If I could give you an exploding fist bump atm I would.

    • Lori Parker

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Jess Fortunato

    I am madly in love with this post!! So sick of hearing the bitching about GR, ad nausea.
    It does suck as you said, for authors bc it’s just not a user friendly site. I kind of hate that about it, but in the end whatever. I love the quotes sections and I use it all the time for other things. There have been national best sellers, that I couldn’t even finish I thought they were so awful. It’s like we are creating this generation of constant victims. I’m sorry but if you’re 25 and seriously being “bullied” online, you may need to reevaluate your life choices. Granted I’ve been lucky, as in I’ve never been under siege, but I also think that has a lot to do with how I conduct myself. Do bad reviews hurt and feel personal? Hell yes. But that is what my mommy or my bestie is for, to listen to me whine. This whole spectacle is insane, and as you mentioned somewhat steals away from the very real issue of bullying our teens are facing.

    In the end if you can’t take the criticism, don’t pick a profession where it is a given! I am always looking for reviewers for my books, and I prefer them to be honest. It helps me to fix some things come my next book!

    Keep it up, I don’t know you, but you kinda rock.

    • Lori Parker

      Thanks, sorry it’s taking so long to reply!!! You kind of rock too! All your points are spot on too!

  • Annie Walls

    Bwahahaha!!! Dude, LMAO@Let’s put our grown up pants back on! I’ve seen some terrible shit said to bloggers. What a mess. Okay… going back into my corner now. 😉

  • Lindsay Galloway

    Well said, Lori! 😀
    As a side note, we don’t have as many followers now as before, due to Blogger screwing us over. Not your fault. We all know you work your butt off!