#Reveal: Angelic Blood Tamara Rose Blodgett

October 23, 2014 cover reveal 0

Book Five (Blood Series)
Tamara Rose Blodgett
Release Date: April 3, 2015

Julia Caldwell lies in the middle of a battlefield dying of wounds inflicted by the newest enemy of the Singers—the demonic. When Fae, Were and vampire collide in alliance against a common enemy other than one another, the demonic brings turmoil beyond what any of the supernaturals can imagine.

After the genocide of the Singers of Region One, they will be forced to move into hiding. Jacqueline has redeemed herself and carries a progeny of importance and strength that the new enemy wants at all costs. Who of the Fae can be trusted after Tharell’s treachery—will the rogue Were damage or assist the remaining Region One Singers?

Can the greatest secret of their blood save the Singers from extinction and close the wound the demonic has made in a world run by humans, and ignorant of what lives among them? Or will fate decide evil deserves to rule instead of good




Oh. Oh. Oh. That cover! That blurb! This series! Tamara! Everything about this has me all excite!
March 27th please hurry up!!!

About the Author:


Tamara Rose Blodgett is the author of over forty titles, including her New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel, A Terrible Love, written under the pen name Marata Eros. Tamara writes a variety of dark fiction in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, romance and erotica. She lives in South Dakota with her family and enjoys interacting with her readers.

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