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Georgetown Academy: Season One

Georgetown Academy: Season One
by Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz
Published June 11th 2013 by Coliloquy, LLC

Available for the first time in a single volume, the first four books of the Georgetown Academy series have been hailed by Gossip Girl producer, Josh Schwartz, as “Smart, sexy and insanely addictive.” Now it’s your turn to get hooked.

Meet Ellie, Brinley, Evan, and Taryn — Four sophomores at Georgetown Academy, D.C.’s most exclusive private school, where among the exclusive parties and perfectly manicured lawns, student life seems drama-free. But everyone always has something to hide.

Everyone wants a piece of Ellie Walker and her Senator mom, but Ellie’s always been happy to cede the spotlight. Kind-hearted, sweet, and half of G.A.’s perfect power couple, Ellie has it all…until her ex-boyfriend, Gabe, moves back to town and turns her world upside down leaving her to choose between love and loyalty.

Brinley Madison, of those Madisons, relishes her family’s status as the ultimate D.C. insiders. While her political strategist father plays kingmaker, Brinley maneuvers behind the scenes in school and at home. Brinley knows better than to keep a secret that could hurt her family, but sometimes desire turns to addiction, putting the family reputation at risk.

Evan Hartnett doesn’t have the typical pedigree of a G.A., student. In fact, she has no pedigree at all. Her academic scholarship may get her access to the classroom, but she’s still on the outside looking in…until a series of unexpected boyfriends rocket her to national attention.

Taryn Reyes’ laid-back, bohemian vibe doesn’t exactly mesh with her new surroundings, but she’s remarkably secure and unconcerned. But after her first run-in with D.C.’s dirty politics, she finds out that keeping her integrity and her heart intact may be harder than she thinks.

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This was a tough book to rate! One the one hand, the writing is great, the characters are completely believable, and there is no shortage of drama. On the other hand, I felt like I was missing out on a lot of the inside jokes (which may or may not have been clever) and minute details which probably made this book magical for some readers. So how am I different from other readers? Well, for one, I’m Canadian! This means that I haven’t had American politics taught to me in school, and I haven’t had to worry about who to vote for in the presidential elections. Lines like “He had written her off like a bottom ninety-nine percenter at a Republican fundraiser” made me go HUH? And then they went and said hockey was “unpatriotically Canadian”. Yeah. And what’s your point? 😉

I don’t doubt for a second that schools like this exist. Where children are getting swept up in their parents public personae. I was struck by how the girls repeatedly put their own wants and needs aside for the benefit of their parents. It’s actually quite sad, when you think about it. Everyone deserves a childhood, and it feels like they’re getting cheated out of theirs. But this just makes the whole thing more dramatic. Teens being forced into very mature, adult situations, and each one of them takes a different approach in how they deal with it.

My favorite part of this book is that the female characters are great role models. Yes, they make mistakes left, right and center, BUT they also show that women can be powerful. Every little girl who dreams big, should read this book. Women can do more than just look pretty; although maybe I should point out that fashion does play a huge part in the book. I know designers like I know American politics: not at all. It’s a good thing I have a good imagination.

While each book could feasibly be read on its own, I would definitely recommend the whole package. The beginning of each book does rehash a little of what’s going on with the overall plot, so that readers can pick up any of the books and follow along. But then you miss out on the great character development and chemistry.
What’s that? You’re too busy to read four books?! Well, then it’s a good thing that you can pick the length of the books! This may sound confusing, and maybe a little cheezy, but I really loved the 80s throwback! Did anyone else read Choose Your Own Adventure books? While you can’t change the outcome of the plot, you can choose which character to follow through the important scenes.
Or you can do what I did, and read ALL of them!

A copy of this book was provided by Coliloquy in exchange for an honest review.

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