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I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Ghosts by Nicholas Sansbury SmithGhosts Series: Hell Divers Trilogy #2
on July18, 2017
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Ten years ago, Hell Diver Xavier “X” Rodriguez fell to Earth. Those he left behind went on without him aboard the airship he once called home.

Michael Everheart -- the boy once known as Tin -- has grown into a man and the commander of Hell Diver Raptor Team. While Michael dives to help keep the Hive in the air, Captain Leon Jordan rules with an iron fist at the helm of the ship. But unrest stirs under his strict leadership as a prophecy of hope sweeps the lower decks.

When a mysterious distress signal calls the Hell Divers to the surface, Michael and his loyal team begin to uncover long-buried truths and the secrets Captain Jordan will do anything to keep. They dive so humanity survives… but will they survive the ultimate betrayal?

Hellz yeah!

This sequel was everything I could have hoped for, and everything I didn’t know I needed! I wish I could have read it sooner, but, you know, life. But before I gush too much, I need to vent my frustration. GRRRRR! With the cliffhanger from book 1, I was hoping against all hope for some answers, but… NOPE! Smith is going to keep us dangling for just a little bit longer. This book leaps ahead in time by a decade. Life doesn’t seem to have changed much since book one, except we have a new captain on the deck, and Tin isn’t so little anymore. In fact, he’s grown up to become the commander for Team Raptor, stepping in to fill X’s shoes. He has lost all of his parental figures, but has maintained all the lessons they taught him. He is brave and loyal, and I’m going to miss him while waiting for the third book. *sigh*

Hell Divers set the precedent, and Ghosts certainly followed suit. Just as with the first book, the pace was lightning fast, the scenes jumping between characters, all of whom seemed to be constantly in danger. The swearing wasn’t gratuitous, and neither was the gore, though I would still recommend it for a mature audience. I was actually *almost* disappointed there wasn’t a higher body count. Let me clarify… that doesn’t mean I’m voluntarily offering any of my favorites up for sacrifice, but there are certainly a few characters I would gladly throw out of the Hive without a chute.

The world below the airship is slightly different than before. While still the same ravaged, storm-ridden, radioactive apocalypse, we have moved to the east coast, where we catch the first glimpse of the polluted ocean. With this change of scenery, comes a new breed of terror. Just when you were beginning to wonder how things could possibly get worse…

Within the first chapter, I had already decided that the book wasn’t going to be long enough to satisfy me. Sure enough, by the last page flip, I was already looking ahead to the publication date for Deliverance. July isn’t that far away, right? I was pretty happy to be given some actual scientific answers to how the world turned out this way, though I can’t speak to the validity of the science just yet (Google is my friend). All in all, a stellar sequel, with an enticing setup for book 3.

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