Review + #Giveaway: Double Negative by C. Lee McKenzie

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I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review + #Giveaway: Double Negative by C. Lee McKenzieDouble Negative by C. Lee McKenzie
on July 25th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
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“My life was going, going, gone, and I hadn’t been laid yet. I couldn’t go into the slammer before that happened.” Hutch McQueen.

Sixteen-year-old Hutchinson McQueen is trapped between an abusive mother and an absentee father. Shackled by poor vision and poor reading skills, he squeaks through classes with his talent for eavesdropping and memorizing what he hears. After another suspension from school and suffering through one of his mother’s violent attacks, he escapes to a friend’s house that turns out to be a meth lab. The lab is raided and Hutch lands in juvenile detention. When the court sentences him to six months in a new juvenile program, he meets a teacher with Alzheimer’s who will change his life and hers.

I could tell within pages that this book was pure genius and it only became more apparent the deeper I was pulled into the story. I devoured it as quickly as I could… and now it’s over! 🙁 I wish there was some way that it could be a series, just so I could have more! I have already been perusing the author’s other works, debating over which one to read next.

The best part about this book was the progression, not just of the characters, but of the writing style. It literally shifts throughout the book as Hutch grows and changes. Hutch is an easy character to root for, but only because we can see the truth of who he is from the beginning. I can easily imagine how hard it would be for anyone on the outside to get to know him, or even to give him a chance.

The secondary characters are just as amazing as Hutch, and the tenuous connections between them all in the beginning strengthen throughout the story. Nyla is probably my favorite, with her soft spoken demeanor and low self esteem. I wanted to protect and encourage her. Along with all the other misguided miscreants!

I was pleasantly surprised when this book didn’t degrade into swears, as many teens often have a tendency to fall back on that kind of language. Maybe that makes it not quite believable, since it’s not realistic to think that these kids never swear. BUT it made this book more approachable for parents, and allowed the writing style to shine.

I can’t recommend this book enough. <3

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In my other life–the one before I began writing for teens and younger readers–I was a teacher and administrator at California State University, San Jose. My field of Linguistics and Inter-cultural Communication has carried me to a lot of places in the world to explore different cultures and languages. I can say, “Where’s the toilet?” and “I’m lost!” in at least five languages and two dialects. Go ahead. Pat me on the back.

My idea of a perfect day is one or all of the following: starting a new novel, finishing writing a blockbuster novel, hiking on a misty morning trail in the Santa Cruz Mountains, saying Namaste after a great yoga practice, sipping a cappuccino topped at a bustling café, reading in front of a fire with snow outside, swimming in an ocean someplace.

I’ve just set out my perfect life. Day after day after day.

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  • Great review, Lindsay! I don’t mind swearing in books I do find it’s realistic, but it’s great to have books that are clean, too. I like the sounds of this one and how well it seems to progress overall! Glad you liked it! 🙂

  • C. Lee McKenzie

    Really appreciate your review of Double Negative. I’m so glad my characters rang true for you.

    • Lindsay Galloway

      Truly my pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for sharing my review. 😀

  • Cindy Barton

    I had a teacher in high school who gave up every lunch period to help me with chemistry. I had so much trouble and it was my senior year, I had to pass. She worked and worked with me day after day…….I did pass. She was so kind.

    • Lindsay Galloway

      I love to hear stories about teachers who go that extra mile! <3 Thanks for sharing!

    • C. Lee McKenzie

      These are the teachers who deserve the kudos. So glad you had one of them.

  • marypreston

    That has to be my mother. Amazing lady.

    • C. Lee McKenzie

      Did your mom have Alzheimers? That is a terrible thief of life.

  • What a fabulous review! Congrats to Lee on the release, the tour, and this awesome review. Yay! 🙂

    • C. Lee McKenzie

      Thanks for the visit, Lexa!

  • HilaryMB

    Congratulations to Lee … so pleased for her and such an essential ‘guide’ for us to read to understand that sort of life, yet see the help that does come our way if and when we need it .. just terrible that people have to experience life like that – and worse that people behave like that in the first place. Great review .. cheers Hilary

    • C. Lee McKenzie

      Hi Hilary. Great to find your comment here. Thanks so much for stopping by.