Review: Kick by John L. Monk

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Kick by John L. MonkKick by John L. Monk
Series: Jenkins Cycle #1
on July 4th 2013
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Dan Jenkins returns from death for a chance to live again. The vacated bodies of killers are his rides.

Before he's kicked out, he'll need to stop his host from hurting anyone else. It's one of the rules if he wants more rides. More rides means more movies and fishing trips, and more of those little apple pies they sell at gas stations and convenience stores, because they're just that good.

For a dead guy, it's a pretty good gig...until someone changes the rules.

Kick was exactly what I have been waiting for! It was dark, clever, with a sharp sarcastic wit. Although it did seem reminiscent of the old TV show Quantum Leap, Kick was more like The Afterlife Edition. The protagonist, Dan, is being sent into people’s lives from beyond the grave, and he has three weeks to figure out his reason for being there.

First off, I have to give some major props to Monk for his mad editing skillz! I didn’t find even one single typo. Not freaking one! Take that Indie naysayers! I’m not saying that ALL Indie published books are a high quality. I mean, I could type up my diary blindfolded and publish it if I really wanted to (trust me when I say nobody wants to read that), BUT there are some absolutely amazing books out there that are often overlooked because of their Indie status. Please don’t pass this one by!

As you may have noticed, I gave Kick a mature rating. This is because of the mature themes, some language, and the (not so) occasional graphic death. Now I, for one, have no qualms about a little blood, but I know there will be the odd squeamish reader who won’t appreciate this. If you’re anything like me, though, you will find that it has just the right balance of light and dark, and that the violence isn’t gratuitous. It plays a very important role in the story towards character development.

There is just a smidge of religious discussion (how can a book dealing with the afterlife not at least mention it, right?), but not once was it overbearing. I loved that God was nothing more than speculation, instead referring to “The Great Whomever”. There are no absolute answers, and that’s the kind of religion I can relate to.

I can only say that I wish I had found this book sooner. But at least I now have a sequel already for me to read!

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