#Review: Pumpin’ the Pumpkin (18+)

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
#Review: Pumpin’ the Pumpkin (18+)Pumpin' the Pumpkin by Candi Smuts
on Oct. 4, 2013
Genres: Adult, Taboo
Pages: 15
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A memoir. It's almost Halloween when one sexually-curious young man finds himself inexplicably drawn towards a pumpkin that he's been carving. Unable to contain his new-found lust, he decides to find a sexy young woman who can help him to fulfill his wildest sexual fantasies! 

I couldn’t stop thinking about my pumpkin for the next few days. It pretty much looked at me all the time. It was getting super-close to Halloween, and I had one of those “what the hell” moments. I might have been drunk. Anyway, I remember I had a couple of nights off, which was cool. Being 22, I had sex on the brain, and I wanted a hookup. 

But a hookup with a difference. I wanted a pumpkin threesome with a girl... 

WARNING: This 5000+ word story features role play, regular sex, oral sex, bondage, anal play, pumpkins and is intended for mature 18+ audiences only!

Pumpin’ the Pumpkin is very clearly a true story. The whole thing smacks of reality. We follow a young man on his journey of self realization. He’s lost, a lone, and lonely young man. In those limbo years that are the early twenties. Not quiet a child, and not quiet an adult yet. 
It’s during one of his more promising days on this planet that he discovers that hey, pumpkins are pretty fucking sexy, and you can make a whole in it to fit any size…

I was still pretty much a kid myself back then, so I still loved the period. Scary stories, trick or treat, free candy, dressing up, and partes. But that year was the year I fucked a pumpkin, twice.

The nameless man and his nameless pumpkin’s day started out so innocent. Just like any other day where you carve a pumpkin. Just fun. But then that damn pumpkin had to go and look so good. She was just giving him that face you know. The one that says a girl is DTF. 

That’s what I was feeling for this pumpkin, looking up at me with her slutty pumpkin face. It was turning me on.

One eye was kinda squinty, as if winking at me like a dirty little pumpkin slut

See it really was all the pumpkins fault. It was looking to get laid. And so was nameless. 

I wanted to fuck that pumpkin, and I wanted to fuck it good.

And so he did. He used the pumpkin guts for lube and he went to town. It was pretty graphic and ah-mazing. Seriously. But it wasn’t enough for him to use this slutty pumpkin as a fleshlight. Ohhhh no. This pumpkin was too good not share with someone else. So a few days later he went cruising for a chick that was DTF with him and his pumpkin friend. It was a whole other level of AWESOME!!!

She was delighted by this idea, and immediately agreed to it, grabbing the lube and smearing it all over the pumpkin’s eye and my throbbing pumpkin stabber.

Really what more could you want from an alternative erotica? It was funny, it was different, and it was graphic. Overall a lolgasm.

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