Review: Smoke and Mirrors by Rue Volley

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Rating: 5 stars *****

Blurb: Book two in the Blood & Light Vampire series takes Rue, our teenage vampire, even deeper into the rabbit-hole that has become her life. This book introduces a deeper look into the vampire city of Valon, that all vampires derive from. It begins taking a darker turn as you are invited into their world and their lack of compassion for the human race and, even in some cases, a total disregard for their own kind. As the story twists and turns, you are also introduced to two new vampires, Jonah & Lily. They are the sister/brother team, who run a traveling carnival, luring unsuspecting humans into their lair, not only to seduce…but to feed upon. 

Rue faces many dangers in this addition, not only from her own kind…but this new vampire breed…that of the rogues, who serve no one but themselves and their own desires. Rue also struggles with her want to be “normal”, as she comes to terms with the fact that she is indeed a vampire of great importance. As she navigates her way through this, she is also coming to realize that Joshua Barrington has seduced her and perhaps stolen her heart. 
Please join us as you find yourself sucked deeper into an epic story in the life of one girl, who has good intentions but may indeed be her own worst enemy. Book two is more graphic in nature…with language, sexual situations, and violence. Sure to make you laugh, cry…and realize that sometimes you find yourself standing at the corner of WTF and OMG.

OMG. I just want to read book 3 and say screw taking the time to properly review this one! This book starts pretty much right where book 1 leaves off. Rue is in Valon etc. etc. etc. I can’t really say more without ruining book 1. GO READ IT!!!

Rue got on my nerves a bit more in book 2. She tends to have the ability to mess everything up. I still love her and her smart mouth though.
The blurb is right, I laughed….so hard at points in the book. My mom and daughter would come stare at me while I was reading it because I would be laughing so hard.
Luckily I finished it in the wee hours of the morning so no one got to see me blubbering like an idiot at the ending. Oh it broke my freaking heart.
This is the author’s true writing talent. She really makes me feel for her characters. I am so invested in the them that I don’t want to tear myself away from them to read my review books. At all.
Josh is ah-maz-ing. OMG! The stuff that comes out of his mouth is either sexy as hell, or hilarious. Or really really dumb. (but still kinda hot/funny).
I love his and Rue’s love/hate exchanges.
Johnathan…sigh. He’s still in the book….ugh.
Just read these books already. They are so much fun to read!!!

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