Review: The Shadow’s Curse by Amy McCulloch

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I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: The Shadow’s Curse by Amy McCullochThe Shadow's Curse by Amy McCulloch
Series: The Knots Sequence #2
on April 15th 2014
Source: Netgalley
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Raim is no closer to figuring out the meaning of the broken vow that sentenced him to exile for life. But with his former best friend now a tyrannical Khan who is holding the girl Raim loves captive, he finds it hard to care. Every day, he and Draikh learn more about their powers, but it quickly becomes clear that he will never be able to stop Khareh and free Wadi unless he can free himself from the ultimate taboo of his people. Reluctantly, Raim begins the long journey down to the dangerous South, to find the maker of his oath.

In Khareh's camp, Wadi is more than capable of devising her own escape plan, but she's gradually realizing she might not want to. The more she learns about Khareh, the more confused she becomes. He's done unquestionably bad things, horrific even, but he's got big dreams for Darhan that might improve their dire situation. What's more, rumours of a Southern king massing an army to invade Darhan are slowly gaining ground. Only if the Northern tribes can come together under a single ruler will they have the strength to fight the South - but what if that ruler is an impulsive (albeit brilliant) young man, barely able to control his ever-growing power, and missing the one part of him that might keep him sane? Whoever conquers the desert, wins the war. And the secret to desert survival lies in Lazar, which is set to become the heart of a great battle once again.

So, I’m walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store and someone says, “Oh hi, Lindsay! It’s so great to see you!” And for a moment I stand, stumped. Who is this person, and why do they know my name? I double check to make sure I haven’t accidentally left on my name tag from work. Obviously, as I’m a great actress, I play along, asking how things are going with them. Eventually I’ll either figure out who they are in relation to me, or we’ll finish our conversation, offering well wishes. No harm, no foul.

Well, this is kind of how starting this book was for me. I had a vague, shadowing memory of how much I loved the first book, but I was still finding myself stumped, not sure exactly where I left off with these characters the last time I saw them. The more I read, however, the more I remembered how great the story is, how detailed. Parts of the first book came back to me, and soon, it was like being reunited with an old friend. We hugged, and promised not to leave each other’s side until the final page turn.

I have to admit to one small disappointment. Raim and Wadi spend most of the book apart. Their chemistry in the first book was one of the highlights and to have their stories told separately left me in anticipation for their reunion. But then, when they finally meet again, I felt like it was a little anticlimactic.

Plenty of action and intrigue though! Even the slower parts were tense, and there was a constant sense of foreboding. I mean, the whole book is building towards a war!  I spent the last fifty pages dreading what was to come: the end. I was anticipating the long wait for the next book. Then, a strange thing happened. Everything started to get wrapped up. I began to feel a new sense of dread… maybe this really was THE END. There would be no third book. I was left with just a few chapters with these characters before I would have to say my farewell! And now that I’ve finished it? I still have no idea. It feels finished, but there were still so many loose ends! I think I’m going to just hold out hope that there will be another story. I’m not emotionally prepared to say goodbye to Raim and Wadi.


After writing my review, I’ve noticed that the series is currently out of print and being rereleased in February with new covers. The series is also being listed as a duology now… so I guess I’m out of luck for more books. *sobs*

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