Smoke and Mirrors by Rue Volley

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5 Stars ~ Kami’s Review

We pick up at almost exactly where we left off on book 1.
Rue is stuck in Valon with no memory at the mercy of Caine, who looks like Jonathan. Jonathan is stuck in memory, and Josh is in a healing coma of sorts.

Once again these books, and this author amazed me. I simply cannot stop reading them. I just finished with book 4 and I had to make myself stop reading so I could write reviews for the other books.

I did find Rue a little more annoying in this book with her desire for a normal life and being all mopey about it, blah blah blah. I really wanted to shake her, a lot. I still love her and a part of me does understand it. Everyone wants what they dont have, it is a curse. But I just wish that she would accept herself already.

So so so so happy to see the sparks flying with Josh in this book. *sigh* Looks like I might get my wish afterall.

Best chapter in the history of all books is Chapter 11 – Cookie. OMG I was literally rolling around crying I was laughing so hard while reading this chapter. I could not stop laughing. There are tons of times where I laugh outright while reading these books, but this chapter took the cake. I think I would enjoy meeting this author in person one day, she has a great sense of humor.

I like the Rogue’s. Yeah they kill and eat people but I love reading about them. LOL

Poor Sara, she is not so lucky this book.

The ending, holy crap, I am freaking out here!

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