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Life for Kansas was perfect until the day the world changed.

She has been hiding out for four years in solitude. It’s the only way to survive. The only way not to draw the living dead. Helping a small group of people, she learns the new world might not be what she assumes. Venturing out of her refuge and comfort zone, she meets Rudy, who helps her find a greater purpose. She realizes that the world has moved on without her. Only it’s not what she expects. Her knowledge of the living dead grows and only makes her more curious as humanity continues to hang on by a thread. While on her search for answers she finds comfort in new friendships and love, but her past seems as if it will haunt her forever. 

Kansas takes it upon herself to help other survivors, which would be easy if the famished were the only obstacles.

In a trilogy plot thick with twists and turns, this adult dark fantasy is emotional as much as it is horrifyingly gripping.

*Not intended for a young audience. Mature content.*

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    So here’s the thing. I have this weird fascination with the crazy, kooky and just strange characters. I always want to know how the authors thought of someone so “out there” so in honor of my favorite C list star in TotD Annie agreed to talk about Guido with us.
    About the author: Author of dark fantasy and sub-genres of horror. Voracious Reader and Googler. Lover of dark humor. Horror Buff. Zombie Apocalypse Enthusiast. Loyal Cracked follower. Pinterest Addict. Wife of adoring husband. Mother of a five year old Bruce Wayne. Cook. Maid. Kisser of boo-boos. Ultimate Time Waster. Perfect Procrastinator. Lolly Gagger. Trubie. Cake Decorator. Tea Drinker. Sculpey Sculptor. Girl Gamer. Perfectionist in the art of Facebook stalking. And now, God help me, a blogger. Oh yeah, and a twitter, twatter, tweeter. Well yeah, I’m one crafty bitch. 

    She also designs my blogs. So yeah she is one crafty bitch. 😀
    Hi zombie fiction fans and minions. I’m excited to be a guest on Contagious Reads today. Lori was one of the first to glimpse Taking on the Dead, and ever since she’s had this weird fascination with one character in particular – Guido.

    For those of you who haven’t read TotD yet, Guido happens to be the “opportunistic bastard” of my zombie trilogy. Meaning he took the tragic circumstances of the zombie apocalypse, and used it to his advantage. Lori wants to know more about him, so here we are!

    Guido doesn’t really have a “back story.” I don’t know it. He was one of the character’s I made up on the fly, and he turned out beyond my own expectations. Book two divulges more about him, and everyone else. He’s nasty, gross, and all around repellent. Here is Kan’s first look at him as he pokes her awake from sleep:

         My eyes struggle to focus, my gaze wandering to a guy in front of me, and they widen as I take in his appearance. A wrinkled, indifferent face with a tanned complexion greets me. Dark curly hair and thick eyebrows shadow a receding hairline and light brown eyes. Several gold necklaces lay tangled in chest hair. A flamboyant, button up shirt with a bright paisley pattern and khaki pants are his outfit of choice for the day. He sits in a chair, holding a cane between his legs, next to the mattress I currently occupy. My eyes narrow at the source of the poking. Various metals and gems decorated all his fingers, and they gleam with gold and silver. The dirtiest fingernails I have ever seen grow from the tips of his fingers, caked with God only knows what underneath. I imagine his fingernail grime could be the source of the zombie outbreak.

    He lifts a weathered hand, taking a long drag from a brown rolled-up cigarette, blowing the smoke in my face. Who the hell is this appalling guy?

    I wave smoke from the air as he smiles with discolored teeth. All of the sudden, I don’t feel so bad about my hygiene. “Well, I see yew wakin’ up. We have a tawk, yew and me.”

    So yeah, he’s disgusting. He also talks in a gutter accent, as some people who live in the community do, but not all.

    I plucked his name from thin air too. Kind of. I really got the inspiration for his name from my husband, who wears a gold chain around his neck for a sentimental purpose. Some shirts he wears will show the necklace, and he’ll try to hide it saying, “I look like a Guido.” LOL! So, the name was born, even though it’s not his real name. 😉


    Awesome right!!! I love him!

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    • I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read this yet. But it’s a MUST on my to-read list!!