The Hungry by: Harry Shannon and Steven W. Booth

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Sheriff Penny Miller of Flat Rock, Nevada, is the kind of woman who will do whatever it takes to protect those she is sworn to serve, even when that includes a murderous biker, her wimpy ex-husband, a unit of incompetent National Guardsmen, and even the scientist responsible for releasing the undead upon an unsuspecting world.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who read the free short story, ‘Jailbreak,’ also by Booth and Shannon, this is your opportunity to find out what happens after that terrifying first night of the zombie apocalypse. And those of you encountering The Hungry for the first time are in for the ride of your life. Remember… Aim for the head!

Today I gave up and am reading Fifty Shades of Freed. So I thought I would introduce you to an AMAZING book that I LOVED!
I just have to tell ya’all about this book. It is seriously a joy ride. So much fun. Penny Miller is one of the funniest, kickass, amazing heroines ever written. I’m not kidding this book is just balls to the wall straight up zombie killing, gore fest of awesomesauce. The best news of all…if you pick it up and read it now you won’t have to wait long for the next book. The ARC is making it’s rounds. Which I do not have :(. Harry Shannon himself told me last winter that the sequel is coming this summer. He says Penny is a blast to write and it shows in the story. Here are Kami and I’s short and sweet reviews.

Lori’s Review: 4 Stars
Ok. I really liked this book. Not because it was a masterpiece but because Penny is just so damn cool. I will say that she reminds me a lot of Celia Graves from Cats Adams Blood Song series. They are both kick ass supernatural female leads and they both utter the phrase “fuck a duck” more than necessary. That being said it doesn’t take away from the non stop action of this zombie story. When I say non stop I mean non stop. From first to last page they are fighting for thier lives. There were plenty of other quirky characters abound and some interesting plot twists.

Kami’s Review: 3 Stars
This book was good, dont get me wrong. However it felt an awful lot like Hollowland by Amanda Hocking, and that turned me off a bit. I liked Hollowland so obviously I liked this book. There were pleanty of differences, and that made it interresting and exciting. I really liked the main character. She is one tough, bad ass chick.

The whole time I am reading this book I am screaming in my head for her to change out of the fucking wedding dress already! I mean come on, she could have wore a pair of sweats and a shirt of her ex husbands from the very beginning. I have no idea why, but this really bugged the hell out of me.

Will I recommend this bood? Yes
Will I read it again? Doubt it
Will I read the next book in the series? Absolutly

Overall it was a really good book with a lot of action. It is exciting and the characters are likable. A good quick read.

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