The "Making you work for it" Giveaway

January 16, 2013 giveaway, Lindsay's reviews 0

So, as usual, I made a New Year’s resolution. No, it wasn’t to eat healthier (though it probably should have been), and it wasn’t to get more exercise (because I needed something that I would actually DO! Nobody wants to feel like a failure, and really, that’s all resolutions do, right?) Instead, I made a resolution to read more Indie books. I love the dedication of Indie authors, their passion, and uniqueness. So why not read more of them, and support their relentless hard work.
But I wanted to do more than that. I wanted to share the experience with others. And the best way to do that is to offer a prize!! Yup. I said it. I have created a challenge for those of you who want to join in. It is currently highlighted on my Goodreads book club homepage. Join in the group, with no expectations, and you’re free to join the challenge.  CHALLENGE YOURSELF! There are a few different levels you can try for.

Easy: 5-9 books
Medium: 10-19
Hard: 20-29
Uber-Hard: 30+

If you reach your easy goal, you get one entry. Medium is 2, Hard is 3, Uber-Hard is 4. 
If you sign up for Uber-Hard and reach your goal, I’ll throw in a bonus entry for every 10 books you read over the initial 30.
The prize? $10 Amazon gift card. Lame, because I’m broke. I mean… WOO HOO! Hot Damn I can buy a lot of Indie books with $10!!!!!!!!!

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