#TheWalking Dead Recap S5 | Ep 4 “Slabtown”

November 4, 2014 Feature, The Walking Dead 2

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Lori: Well Beth returned this week in what was possibly the rapiest episode of ANY show on TV. Literally no one got raped during the course of the show, but it still had that ‘wow, these dudes are rapey’ vibe going on.

Hospital de la creep vibes, which is what this episode should have been called, opened very much in the same was that Episode 1 of Season 1 opened. With Beth waking up after being passed out for a certain amount of time. How much time, we don’t know. But she’s there for a while as the episode completely catches up the two timelines.

Lindsay: It seemed to me that it was a whole new hierarchy for Beth to learn. Here, the cops are the only ones with any power, lording it over their wards, the poor shmucks who have been “rescued” from the rotters. The most ominous of lines being when the head cop, Dawn, says to Beth “We rescued you. Now you owe us”.

“They think I’m weak,” Noah tells Beth. “They don’t know shit about me, about what I am. About what you are.”

Elyse:  I was really sure that Beth wouldn’t be able to survive in this group let alone adapt, she hasn’t had to do anything like this before. Being isolated on the farm and all, ya know?

Lori: Beth’s return meant singing. Or rather humming. And boy am I glad she didn’t exercise her chops. All kidding aside, I can’t stand Emily Kinney’s singing voice.

Elyse: You know I actually like her singing! (And Lauren Cohan’s in this song) Hold On is my favorite but that isn’t on Spotify.

Lori: You know I’m not playing that right? 

Lindsay: I thought it was really interesting to see the differences, but also the similarities between the two groups. Like, when the dr tells Beth “Everyone has a job.” How many times have we had to listen to Hershel or Beth say that?! I’m sure this isn’t quite what they meant though.

Lori: The real meat of the episode came in the final minutes. I got to tell ya. I struggled to get through this one. I, mean, until the final 5 minutes, the highlight of the show was identifying Noah as the actor who played a young Chris Rock in ‘Everyone Hates Chris’.

Elyse: Hahaha. Right? When you told me that I was like BINGO! That’s where I recognize that face from.10354729_396400530508852_5803783360082538512_n


Lindsay: Ahhhh! THAT’S where I know him from! Thanks for clearing that up. 😛
Overall, I liked the episode. It was nice to be introduced to a whole new crew of characters to be used as zombie chow. It means we can have a lot of gory deaths without sacrificing our favorite characters! Yay! 😀

Lori: Elyse got her wish. Beth did grow some balls. And it’s about damn time. If they’re gonna keep her around at least make her useful.

Elyse: Yes, I was finally impressed that Beth put her big girl panties on!

Lindsay: And then there was that scene at the end, where Beth is holding those scissors like she intends to use them! Who was she going to stab with them? It looked like the dr, but maybe it’s just me.

Elyse: I definitely think it was going to be the Dr. Beth felt betrayed, he got in nice and cozy with her and then had her kill the Oncologist for him.

Lindsay: So now we have to address the speculation. Carol. Was the there on purpose as a rescue mission? Or was she “rescued” by the cops just like everyone else?

And since Carol and Beth are both here… who’s back at the church with Daryl? Some people think it’s Morgan or maybe Noah. Honestly, I would love it if Noah were to joint he cast for a while. His character seemed like a decent guy (excluding the fact that he totally abandoned Beth to the cops and rotters).

Elyse: I think it’s gonna be a bit before Morgan catches up with the crew, Nicotero pointed out that when Morgan got to the Terminus sign that between the over grown vines and the sign carved into the tree it meant quite a bit of time had passed since Rick’s group had been through. I think it was Noah. The look on Daryl’s face said it all for me, I knew something had happened to Carol. So now Daryl knows where these rapey whack jobs took Beth and Carol and he can go back for some backup!

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  • As soon as Noah appeared my son yelled, “Everyone hates Chris!” LOL I had no idea who the actor was.

    I was torn watching the episode. I kind of hated it during, but looking back after I liked it a bit more.

    • Lori Parker

      I think it was just ‘meh’ for me. I see the importance of it, but really. I just needed a quick check in with Beth. I didn’t need a whole hour with her.