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November 11, 2014 Feature, The Walking Dead 2

Cr Walking Dead Recap


Lori: So this episode was pretty slow going again. There was quite a bit of character back story. Especially for Abraham. I’m glad they took the time to give us some insight into who Abraham is. It took them years to even crack into Michonne’s past. So kudos to the writing team for learning and growing!

Lindsay: I got stuck watching this episode a second time with my family, and I’ll tell you, it didn’t get any better the second time around. Ugh.

Elyse: May I also give some kudos to the group for finally speaking up about the mullet in the room? Bahah. “The party’s getting a little long!”

Lori: How gross was this episode? It was pretty awesome. The gore dial was cranked to an 11!

Elyse: How come no one has ever thought about using a fire hose to dismember zombies before?! That was epic!

Lindsay: Yeah, okay. That scene was worth the rewatch. And again… and again…

Elyse: You know until this episode I had completely forgotten about Abraham’s past. Lori and I were talking about how psychotic he was becoming this episode, and wow he certainly laid out Eugene. I wonder if he’ll be okay after that.

Lindsay: I’m more curious about why his wife and kids decided to run. I mean, sure, Abraham just beat those guys into a bloody pulp, but I think it’s safe to assume that he was protecting them, right?

Elyse: They talked a little about that on Talking Dead, and discussed about how the family all knew that Dad was in the military. But seeing Abraham at “work” was a whole different story.

Lori: So…we’ve all read the comics. And we knew Eugene’s big reveal. Did you expect it to come this soon?

Lindsay: I felt like they built up to this pretty quickly, and I’m glad they revealed it sooner rather than later. I really don’t think Eugene was going to attempt that herd, with or without Abraham’s protection. It just all of a sudden seemed like Abraham was willing to get them all killed, in the name of The Mission.

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  • Lindsay Galloway

    I seriously love how hard Eugene hits the ground

    • I still cringe when I watch him hit the ground like that!