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Lindsay: This was it, folks. The episode we’ve all been waiting for. The Caryl episode. Was it everything you dreamed of and more?

Lindsay: Did you feel any sexual tension between these two? There really hasn’t been a whole lot of physical displays on TWD (barring Maggie and Glenn last season, and the more recent Eugene peep show) but if I’m being honest, during the ZomPoc I wouldn’t be hesitating to act on my feelings. What is stopping these two from acting on their most primal urges???

Lori: I’m pretty much the only person in the world who doesn’t ship Daryl and Carol. I also wasn’t paying a lick of attention throughout most of the episode. So was there sexual tension?

Elyse: I know this was another slow episode, but I loved it. I had so much satisfaction knowing where Carol went after she “left” the group. I don’t think there was any sexual tension, and I think this episode showed how Carol and Daryl have both grown since this all started. And I think they’re both coming to terms with those things and ow they’ve changed, before they’re even going to broach the subject of their feelings.

Lindsay: K, so walker slumber party. Best party ever? From the looks of those blood stains on the sleeping bags, I would have to guess that someone shot or stabbed them. But how long ago was that? I would have guessed that your average walker would eventually squirm their way out of the bags and tents.

Lori: Are the zombies in TWD always active or only active with stimuli? Because I can see if there is no food around them just chilling undead in the bags.

Elyse: I agree with Lori. I think if there isn’t any food around there was no motivation for them to try to squirm their way out, or get out of the tents. They were perfectly happy being walkers in a blanket.

Lindsay: There is NO WAY IN HELL that the van would have landed on all four wheels. That vehicle was heading down nose first, or even flipping to land on the ceiling.

Lori: Yeah, they know. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-walking-dead-van-scene-2014-11 I think the fact that people are upset over the logistics of a van dropping on it’s tires during a TV show about fucking zombies is hilarious. Apparently we can suspend our belief for walking corpses, but not for falling vans.

Elyse:  That ^^^^^

Lori: I thought seeing more Atlanta was cool. How many years have passed since the start of the Zpoc? One? Two? Things look almost exactly the same as they did from season one.

Don't Look Back (Source) 'Days Gone Bye'

Don’t Look Back (Source) ‘Days Gone Bye’

Days Gone Bye

Don’t Look Back (Source) ‘Days Gone Bye’


Elyse: Those are great pictures Lori, it was neat seeing Atlanta. And like you, immediately saw the tank and recognized them being around the same area they were before.

Lindsay: See? Didn’t we tell you it was Noah with Daryl? 😉 Do you think Noah’s character will stick around for a while? Or is he just another zombie chew toy?

Lori: I never said it was Noah. But I never said it wasn’t. As far as him sticking around? Who knows? Who cares?

Elyse: And you’re a dang liar Lindsay, you thought it was Carol when we discussed this! All my predictions were right. Noah was with Daryl, Carol didn’t get taken on purpose, and the body Daryl was burning was a child they found. Which made me sad to see the little girl scratching at the window. I’m curious to see if our DC crew comes back, or if they forge forward to DC instead.

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