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August 16, 2012 general update, I wish zombies would come eat the MC, lady writers, romance, zombies, zompires 1

So I did another vlog today in place of Indie Crush Thrusday. I, of course, ramble and my webcam is super stupid and freezes at the best angles of my face ever. Anyway, I talk about the books that I am waiting to come out this fall. Sequels mostly. I also talk about some reviewing etiquette and rape in books. I don’t think I got my point across in a clear way. So I will say it here. Rape is never ok. I hate it when authors put it in books and sweep it under the rug. However, in this particular book I feel like it is true to the world that the author is trying to show. It is a dark world with tough characters. I am talking about Ann Aguirre’s Enclave. I think the way Duece reacts to the other characters rape is appaling. But within the frame work of the story I think it is true to the world that they live in. Hell, even in our world rape tends to get swept under the rug. My comment about being an anthropolgy degree holder simply means that I accept a lot of human behaviour as just that human behaviour. Let’s be honest here….people tend to do shitty things. They also tend to act shitty. As in sweep rape under the rug. Rape is not something I accept. Ugh. I am talking in circles again. I’m pro reality NOT pro rape!  It’s just part of the world we live in. Anyway, here is my vlog. Hope you enjoy it. -Lori

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  • I really enjoyed Enclave too, and didn’t hear all the uproar about the treatment of rape until after I had read (and loved) the book. I could see their point, but I had the same thoughts as you: It’s FICTION! and it, in no way, expresses the author’s feelings about rape!!! My enjoying the book also does not mean that I disregard the seriousness of rape.
    P.S. I also have an anthro degree, so maybe it makes us a little more able to place ourselves into a fictional culture?

    …. Did I just rant? I didn’t mean to rant…