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Cr Walking Dead Recap


Spoilers, spoilers, and more spoilers.

Seriously it’s Tuesday. If you haven’t seen the show yet then it’s not our fault.

Lori: Well let’s get right into the meat of the episode, shall we. The showrunners gave us a lot of stuff to chew over. Lots of things to digest. It was a pretty juicy episode…

Lindsay: In case you didn’t get what Lori was hinting at… THEY ATE BOB! Or at least a piece of him.

Elyse:  And Gareth even went there and hinted at an ill mannered dark meat joke…LoL. I laughed, I admit it. I have bad taste, and I laughed.

Lori: We finally got to see the Terminus folks chowing down on a leg. Bob’s leg. Bob’s more- than- likely- been- bit- by- a- zombie- leg.

Lindsay: Are they keeping him alive as a fresh source of meat, since they don’t have a meat smoker handy? Or it because their group is smaller, and Bob’s a three meal kind of guy? Or is this just another way to play with their food before eating it?
But… they’re already all carriers of the virus, so does it make a difference if they eat someone who’s infected? I mean, I’m sure they’ve all had a little zombie guts in their mouth from time to time. It’s a hazard when getting up close and personal with the undead, while not wearing a hazmat suit. (Oh, man, I hope they all turn. He who laughs last, laughs longest.)

Lori: There’s a lot of speculation about the mark by Bob’s head before he gets taken to the BBQ…

The biggest theory is that Bob was a traitor and leading the folks from Terminus to them…

cut in tree


But does it really make sense that they would eat their spy? I mean I guess they were pretty hungry.

Lindsay: Huh. I hadn’t heard that theory, but it’s just so kooky it might be true. When the camera zoomed in on that mark on the tree, I had zero clue what it was that I was looking at. I admit, I’m still pretty clueless. I got nothin’.

Elyse: That didn’t even occur to me, but I don’t think that’s what happened. I think it has something to do with the weird stuff like the knife marks on the church, and the fact that “You’ll burn for this” was carved into the church.

Lori: Father Gabriel shows up in this episode, and he just seems off?

I mean that right there?! Is no one else even a little bit concerned?

Lindsay: Definitely a little hinky. I’m keeping my opinions of this to myself for now, but all in all, I don’t think it’s as bad as they would have us all believe. At this point, they’ve all done stuff they’re not proud of. It’s not like he ate the neighbors… right?

Elyse: It just doesn’t add up to me. How can he have lasted this long, going out on scavenging trips and never ran into walkers before? He doesn’t carry weapons, and it didn’t look like prayer was gonna save him on that rock when our group found him. Where are all his parishioners?

Elyse: Was Carol just going to go off on her own after returning Judith to Rick? Because that’s what it sure looked like to me, and then her plan was foiled by the car that kidnapped Beth driving by.

Lori: Yeah I think Carol was outtie 5000. Thank goodness for the car driving by and DD. I don’t think I could handle this show without Carol.

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