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October 30, 2014 The Walking Dead 0

Cr Walking Dead Recap


We are so late posting this that I’m not even going to do our normal spoiler warning.

Lori: Oh how I wish you could all sit in while we are watching the show together. Yes, thousands of miles separate us, but with the amazing thing called Facebook, I get the joy of watching the show with two of my favorite friends.

So last week we ended with Bob being taken and snacked on by the Terminites. Which left us with the burning question…was Bob bitten.

My Reaction:

bob's burgers

Lindsay: TAINTED MEAT! Oh, how I laughed at Bob’s comedic timing.

Elyse: Unfortunately this was the episode that sealed the deal for me. Bob was perfect. His maniacal laughter just made me laugh harder. Perfectly ripped from the pages of the comic, and I loved every minute of it. I thought I wanted Bob gone, but after seeing his relationship with Sasha evolve I was sad to see him go.

Lori: The episode is pretty dramatic, we have Father Gabriel telling his story, and then Rick being super freaking murderous. But what I think is in the back of all of our minds is BETH.

Beth's singing

 Elyse: Lori was full of jokes Sunday night to say the least. She then proceeded to post a video of Beth singing Parting Glass on my Facebook Timeline. LoL.

Lindsay: Apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t think Father Gabriel’s story was all that bad. When you look at everything that Rick (or Carol or the Governor or… insert every other character name here) has done, Gabriel was just a little selfish. It looked like Rick ‘n the gang took it all in stride too. They’re all “Meh”.

Lindsay: We’d better talk about the slaughter. Because that’s exactly what it was. A blood bath. Painting the town red. I think I must be a little desensitized to the violence by now, because I didn’t think it was that bad until I saw Glenn and Maggie backing away slowly with a look of horror on their faces. I just shrugged and kept eating my bedtime snack.

Elyse: I’m pretty shocked at how dark and gory things are getting this season, don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining! But they are definitely pushing the limits this season, the pace that the show is moving is remarkable. This scene though. Wow. Just brutal. I do wish it had been a little brighter in the church so I could have seen it better in all it’s glory though – that’s pretty sick isn’t it?


Lindsay: GLENN! MAGGIE!! COME BAAAAACK!!! They’d better not leave us hanging about them too, like they did with Beth. I’ll quit the show! I swear I will!

Elyse: I’m pretty sure they said they weren’t splitting up again!! Ergh. The rest of the group can’t be far behind, because there’s no way half their group is just gonna go off without them. I need Glenn and Maggie!

Elyse: Can I get some 2cents on who everyone thinks is with Daryl? I definitely don’t think it’s Carol. She can most definitely defend herself and wouldn’t be waiting for an all clear back in the trees, she’d have a weapon in hand standing right next to Daryl. I think the previews they’re showing of Beth are flashbacks, and Daryl and Carol ended up finding her. Maybe something happened to Carol during the rescue? Or maybe it’s someone completely new.

Lori: The possibility of it being Carol is not likely. But if Beth were hurt or they had someone else with them that was injured I can see Carol staying back with them. So we just can’t say for sure.

Lori: I’d like to thank the tumblr blog WE STICK TOGETHER for putting these gifs all together…I can’t believe neither one of you mentioned it…

So what do you think, is it Carol? Is the bus to DC doomed? Only a few more days until we get to see.

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