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October 14, 2014 The Walking Dead 3

Cr Walking Dead Recap


YO! This post contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t watched the episode yet and the show gets spoiled for you, then that’s your own damn fault. You have been warned! Oh and this post is not safe for younger viewers.

Lori: Okay. I’ll admit it. That was a REALLY good episode. And I am impressed. It only took them 4 years to figure out how to open a season right. But hey, it could be worse it, they could still be stuck in that damn boxcar!

Seriously though. How intense was that episode?

Elyse: Poor Sam! I still want to know how he was bleaching his hair during the apocalypse…  Anyways, we’ve seen some gore on the show. But I was never expecting anything like that opening scene.

Lindsay: Yeah,the first five minutes was a little more bloody than their usual zombie gore. I don’t think it was the actual graphic nature that bothered me though. It was the fact that it was HUMAN violence, and they were so nonchalant about it.
Ho hum, let’s cook up some dinner.
What are we having?
Steak, of course.
Again? Can’t we just have a salad?

Lori: The whole episode was just spot on. They managed to satisfy the action | gore whore in me, and still delivered on the emotional front as well. All in all I’d say it finally got me pumped to watch the show again.

Seeing Daryl fangirl Carol was amaze. And PS. I think Carol just showed that she is WAY more badass than most of her male counterparts!


Elyse: Except with Daryl’s emotional response to seeing Carol again I was really, really, hoping for a kiss! I mean he was crying! I fangirled and shipped Darol/Caryl SO hard during this episode. And I loved Carol before this episode, and now I love her even more.

Lindsay: YES! I actually yelled “JUST KISS HER ALREADY!” I got two sets of eye rolls for my outburst. I’ve always loved Carol, but she really upped her game this week. Anyone else notice that Rick was ready to send them all back to die in Terminus before Carol showed up? Or was it baby Judith that changed his mind?
We also had an argument over whether or not Carol smeared zombie guts on her face. It’s BROWN! It’s MUD! It’s CAMOUFLAGE people!

So long Terminus!


Elyse: And what about that scene after the credits? After the episode ‘Clear’ I was positive that Morgan was gone from the show! It seemed to me that he hadn’t been drinking the crazysauce anymore, and looked really well put together. I’m really stoked to see where that’s going!

Lindsay: My hubby had actually already changed the channel to some stupid sports game of some kind, and I missed it! It wasn’t until Elyse pointed it out to me that I went back and watched it. YEEEEESSSS!!! *fist pumps* Morgan had a bigger role in the comics, so I’ve been waiting none too patiently for him to make an appearance! Perfect timing! Can’t wait for next week! 😀

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  • Lori Parker

    Blood dries brown…

    • Lindsay Galloway

      So does mud…
      Mud is also brown when it’s wet. 😉

      • Lori Parker

        I’m just pointing out that your argument that it’s brown doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being zombie guts. It’s not like the blood would be fresh and bright red either. I admit putting the guts that close to her face would be a risk, but it’s not like there isn’t back spray when you blow zombies heads off, or stab them with knives. There is also the possibility that it is both.