#TWD: Season 5 Predicitions/Hopes

October 11, 2014 The Walking Dead 0

Lindsay: TOMORROW!! AT LONG LAST!! Okay, so it’s been a loooooong wait for this season to start. There are a few things that I have missed desperately! Namely, gory gory zombie deaths. The grosser the better!

Lori: I miss the Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf.


Lindsay: While I find some of the characters a little annoying *coughbobcough* I have a soft spot for a few of them, and being cut off from them is borderline painful. Well… I guess I’m being a little dramatic, but you know what I mean. Picking a favorite is like picking one of your kids over the other!

Lori: I’m one of those shallow people that watches entirely for Rick, Daryl and Michonne. I really don’t care about anyone else. Except the zombies, which have been lacking. They could kill everyone on the show at this point as far as I am concerned. And I do mean everyone.

Elyse: I’ve never been a fan of Beth, so now that she has been snatched and taken to an undisclosed location I’m curious as to the development of her character and storyline. And I have to agree with Lindsay, when I watch I may or may not chant *DieBobDie* to myself.

Lindsay: As far as predictions, I’m going to say that I expect more of the same… but I don’t mean that in a bad way! More zombies, more drama within the group, probably a few deaths and rebirths. I imagine they’ll all be reunited as a group eventually, but I’m kind of enjoying them being split up. You get to see a bigger picture of what’s going on. From the trailers we can see that they leave Terminus, but where will they be going next? On their way to Washington?

Lori: Predictions. More of the same. And I do mean that in the bad way. My overall disappointment with the show is no big surprise, but yet I still keep watching. Maybe to see if it won’t be boring. Maybe to see if they can turn it around. Or maybe it’s just because it’s something to do with my mom and four year old. I will say this is the last season I am giving them. I usually read through the show. So if they can’t manage to make me look up at the TV this year. I’m done.

My first prediction was blown out of the water by the previews. I predicted they would spend the entire season in the boxcar. And they might still spend half of it in there, other than that I know some key elements from the comics, and it’ll be interesting to see if they at least try to follow those just a tiny bit. Please follow them. Please.

Elyse: Frankly I need them to NOT follow the comics at this point. -_- There are certain characters that I will be crushed over. My only prediction is more badassery. Unlike Lori I am still rather obsessed with the show, and I loved last season. But in my heart I know we’re probably going to lose some very important and not so important characters this season. My only redemption is that Season 6 is already been green lighted, so they can’t kill EVERYONE this season. Yet.

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