Umm Monster Erotica…

May 13, 2012 erotica, general update, vampires 0

So lately I have been in a book slump. I’ve been reading paranormal YA book like they are going out of style (which they probably are). Anyhoo, I saw that someone on goodreads had reviewed a book called Sex with Bigfoot. No fucking way, right? I just had to check it out. It is in a volume of Monsterbanger stories. I kid you not! It was extremely cheap so I downloaded it thinking it would be good for a laugh. Umm no! I spent the whole time reading it thinking gross I’m pretty sure that 5,000 year old mummy vag you are having sex with has spiders in it. Or hey maybe half dog man has parvo or rabies…so you should probably make him wrap it up. Then I considered the offspring of either one of, or any of, these pairings would be ‘unique’.  Hey maybe that gargoyle’s penis tastes like stone…because you know he’s a gargoyle!! Guess what? Bigfoot smells because he you know probably doesn’t care about cleaning himself. The closest these people come to having safe and clean sex is when they go to a haunted motel. The motel stands on the ground of an old Vegas hotel that exploded killing whores and johns having sex. Yes, the woman gets gangbanged by a giant entity. Whew thank god—she probably isn’t going to get hep-b or hpv from that.
Long story short. Monster erotica is not for me. I’m not sure it’s for anyone!

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