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I am in a van traveling down the road.  My pilot and co-pilot are Rhiannon Paille and my co-blogger Lindsay. Our destination, a house in the middle of Nashville, TN where my best book bitch Ren Reidy waits for me! The road stretches ahead of us for a few more hours yet. The ten hour drive from Iowa will take…well ten hours. Lindsay and Rhi were in the car yesterday for over ten hours to get to me from Winnipeg! That’s in Canada, Eh. Sadly neither one of them actually says, ‘Eh’.

I’m anticpating meeting up with Toni from My Book Addiction, Ali from GingerReads Reviews, and Debbie from Keep Calm and Read Romance. I’ll get to chill with Annie Walls again too!!! And of course I’m excited to meet SugarMomma Carmen Jenner (#sugarjunkiesforlife #teamelijah).

Up and coming author Erin Hayes is on my TO-MEET-LIST! Tomorrow!! (Really it’s not actually tomorrow but I am daydreaming about the trip)!

As is Tijan (she’s like my biggest guilty pleasure I love her books). I’m bringing my pb copy of Broken and Screwed to get signed because I am a fangirl.

Broken and Screwed

Or at least this will be happening in the future. Because here, right now as I type. It’s still Tuesday afternoon. And I am still in Iowa burning with anticipation, and boiling with anxiety. Every single joint in my body hurts, and my stomach is super upset because my anxiety has indeed sky rocketed because of this trip. But it’ll be fun. I know it will. Because I went last year and had a blast!

So while I’m away with Lindsay, rolling in book filled debauchery as only I can do, I will not be able to post on the blog, or the facebook page. Both things that I am horrible at maintaining anyway.

Be on the look out for a post con brag post when I get back. And maybe some giveaways. Who knows?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And if you’re at UtopYA be sure to stop me and say “Hi”! I promise I really am this weird in person!



Gah! I just want to be in Nashville already!!!!

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