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We’ve all had some sort of love from our past that we just can’t seem to shake. Whether it’s that ex boyfriend who told you he loved you then broke your heart, or that little girl in the first grade who pulled your hair and stole your snack. There’s just something about them that lingers on your skin, their voice still echoing in your ears. But wouldn’t it be better if we had the choice of who haunted us? Maybe someone incredibly sexy… can ghosts cook me breakfast in bed? I asked some very special guests who they would choose as their very own haunt. 😉

Lori: Nefertiti, because I love that period of Egyptian history.

Stacey Wallace Benefiel  (Goodreads): I would like to be haunted by Janis Joplin. I was obsessed with her music in college and I think I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her and singing and laughing and talking about guys.

A.M. Jones (Goodreads): My Dad <3

Melanie Karsak (Goodreads): Oh my, well . . . I wouldn’t mind being haunted by legendary Romantic poet and Lily Stargazer’s fictionalized lover, George Gordon, Lord Byron. I would be very curious to see if I got close to capturing his real personality on the page. Something tells me that he would be, umm, engaging to hang around with. *Ahem*. Nope, I don’t have a crush on Lord Byron, nope, not at all. But I wouldn’t be opposed if he haunted me, if he haunted me so hard, lol!

Annie Walls (Goodreads): I would LOVE to be haunted by Kurt Cobain.

Rhiannon Frater (Goodreads): Grumpy cat! Because all she’d do is sleep and look like a cute ghost!

Pauline Creeden (Goodreads) – hmmm…being haunted by my father wouldn’t be bad – I could use some of his advice from time to time

Alexia Purdy (Goodreads) – Emily Dickinson, because her mind is a place I can deal with and still remain fascinated.

Emily Goodwin (Goodreads) – The first thing that came to my mind was I’d like to be haunted by the ghost of my future self. But that is ridiculous LOL and my why would be so I could give myself advice and encouragement.

Staci Hart (Goodreads) – Charlie Chaplin, but with a silent movie filter so he could only pantomime haha except when he had something poignant to say

Peggy Martinez (Goodreads) – I’d have to say if I could choose someone, I’d choose my mom first of all, I’d like to be able to feel her presence and know she was enjoying all her grandbabies as they drive me insane. 😉 I’d probably choose Charlotte Bronte secondly, just to pick her brain and to have her as a mentor. I’m a huge fan. Thirdly, if we were talking about the scary type of haunting, I’d go with The Red Skelton, cause if anyone could make a haunting fun, it would be him. 🙂

As for me? This is my show, so I absolutely refuse to answer this impossible question. I only inflict the torture. 😛


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  • Annie Walls

    LOL! Great answers.

  • Pauline Creeden

    I LOVED Staci Hart’s answer…it made me laff 🙂