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Hi guys, I am so happy to announce that Kami, and I were nominated for this award by Sarah at We have been nominated for the Liebster Award three times too but I didn’t feel comfortable accepting that nomination because we were still finding our bearings in the blogging world. Do I feel established now? Not really, but we have some really amazing and loyal friends and readers. We have so much more to do and love this crazy blogging ride we are on. Are we versatile? I know we can be. I took down our picture pages because I do not own the rights to those pictures and it is not fair to use them on the blog. We talk about life and books on this blog. We share our love of books, and shout out to our favorite authors. We feature both indie and traditonal published books. So yes, I think we are well on our way to be truly versatile. Someday we may even do movie reviews…Scary.
So here’s the deal with the award. We need to nominate 5 other small bloggers. I’m not sure what this entails. Maybe less than 100 followers (although compared to the big fish book bloggers that is still small).
I nominate:
Emily Goodwin: Author, animal lover, blogger, wife and amazing person.
Brina Courtney: She is all things books.Author. Lots of giveaways. A street team and she even makes covers!
Alexia Purdy: Another author/blogger. Jeesh. She does way more than promote her own books on her blog. She is super supportive of all indie authors on her blog. She features them all the time.
Ren and Robyn at a little bit of R & R. Why? Because these ladies are super cool. Ren is really supportive of us too!
Lastly this brand new baby blog made by my friend Heaven. It literally was just started up last night. But I know Hevean and she is passionate about books and authors.
Ok 7 Random Facts about Lori (that’s me!)
1. Confessions on a Dance Floor is my favorite Madonna album of all time!
2. I secretly want to be a chef and marry Bobby Flay.
3. I am afraid of stairs, ice and basketballs.
4. I have a degree in anthropolgy and a certificate in Native American studies. I super heart the Ogalala Lakota. They dislike anthropologists. Which makes me heart them even more.
5. I hate the move the Notebook. Seriously, I hate it.
6. I like the last Harry Potter books way more than the first 3.
7. I have been to see the band Hello Dave 3 times. I did not enjoy any of the shows I saw.
Thank you again, for nominating us Sarah!
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