September 10, 2014 Waiting on Wednesday 4

Horror or Scary Scene


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. It highlights the books we are DYING to get into our greedy little hands.

Lori’s Pick:

Dead over HeelsDead Over Heels
Alison Kemper
Sept. 29, 2014

Blurb: The end of the world just might be their perfect beginning…

Glenview, North Carolina. Also known―at least to sixteen-year-old Ava Pegg―as the Land of Incredibly Boring Vacations. What exactly were her parents thinking when they bought a summer home here? Then the cute-but-really-annoying boy next door shows up at her place in a panic…hollering something about flesh-eating zombies attacking the town.

At first, Ava’s certain that Cole spent a little too much time with his head in the moonshine barrel. But when someone―or something―rotted and terrifying emerges from behind the woodpile, Ava realizes this is no hooch hallucination. The undead are walking in Glenview, and they are hungry. Panicked, Ava and Cole flee into the national forest. No supplies, no weapons. Just two teenagers who don’t even like each other fighting for their lives. But that’s the funny thing about the Zombpocalypse. You never know when you’ll meet your undead end. Or when you’ll fall dead over heels for a boy…


Lindsay’s Pick

The Education of Alice WellsThe Education of Alice Wells
by Sara Wolf
published on ???


At Mountford University, Ranik Mason is the king of bad boys. He’s got every cheerleader dying to be in his bed, and the underage booze-circuit under his thumb. He’s a lone wolf who takes what he wants, but never takes anything seriously.

At Mountford University, Alice Wells is the queen of nerds – studious, strict, and smart as a whip, she’s never had a boyfriend, let alone gotten drunk or partied. She’s an ice-cold teacher’s pet, determined to stick to rules and regulations if it kills her. Her one weakness is her massive crush on Theo, the mature, gorgeous campus DJ, and she’s determined to transform into the girl he wants.

If anyone on campus knows how to seduce, it’s Ranik Mason. Alice approaches him with a contract – teach her how to win Theo, and she’ll do his coursework for a year. Ranik agrees, but as his lessons for Alice heat up, both of them start to realize love isn’t something you can teach.

There’s a price. And both Alice and Ranik have to pay.

Elyse’s Pick

By Staci Hart
Expected Publication: 2015

22844133In 1890, treasure hunting is the name of the game, and the Nighthawk travels the world in search of it. The airship has been Nathaniel Redgrave’s home since he was a boy, ever since he stowed away to escape the life he knew, but when he inherited the Nighthawk, there was no reason to look back. Nate’s well known for being able to retrieve what lies hidden in jungles and buried in deserts, skirting danger and his enemies as he travels to remote corners of the world in search of artifacts from ancient myth and legend.

Gemma Sinclair wouldn’t say she’d had it easy. The London brothel that she called her home was long behind her after being sold into slavery after her mother died, slavery of the worst kind, the kind reserved for the young and beautiful. But ever since she claimed her freedom and bought her pleasure ship, she’s traveled the world building clientele and her crew of courtesans, a band of exotic beauties trained in the acts of love and war, smuggling goods in their ship under the veil of the business of companionship.

When Nate and Gemma meet and band together in search of a treasure that would bring both of them unimaginable riches, there’s little that can stop them, though many will try.

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  • Michelle

    Dead over Heels looks really good and I’m in love with Staci Hart’s cover! Great picks!

    • Lori Parker


  • Awesome picks! Let me just add MORE to my Godzilla size TBR. 😉

  • Debbie

    I finished Dead Over Heels this week and really liked it.