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June 26, 2013 zombies 0

My life has become crazy and chaotic, so instead of doing normal reviewing things I did retail therapy, and have been catching up on the Walking Dead comics. I seriously love the comics. So much! Don’t get me wrong the show is great, but there’s just something so gripping about the comics. They are dark, and getting darker. I hope to finish sometime this year. It takes me a while to read them, mainly because I end up staring at the gorgeous art work. If I could I would plaster my walls with it. But ruining $100 worth of books. Nope, not gonna do it. I do like to rep my Walking Dead fangirl status whenever possible.

So when I got the opportunity to have a Visa Card featuring one of my favorite scenes from TWD universe I jumped at the chance. Dude, who doesn’t want to walk around with awesome in their pocket. The card, which Card.com provided to me for review purchases, was as easy to use as my own bank card, and because it was covered in awesome, I use it way more than my regular card. It’s easy to load, easy to spend my money with, and looks awesome. I feel safer using it than my bank card, because I can control how much is on it. I have a tendency to overspend, on books mainly. All in all, the customer service from Card.com was amazing, the card was flawless, arrived in a timely fashion and was easy to use. Basically, if you find yourself having to go the pre-loaded debit/credit card route, I highly recommend this company and these cards.

Walking Dead Card

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