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So my one year blogging birthday has come and gone, and you may have noticed that it has been a relatively quiet affair. No massive giveaways, no big party and no tooting my own horn. Listen, I know, you know, we all know that I am an average blogger. The only thing I bring to the blogging community that is unique is my craziness, and believe it or not I reign that in. I don’t want you all knowing how truly insane I am.
This past year has been crazy. There was a time, about half way through my first year when I almost broke. I almost quit. Then I chillaxed. The pressure that I felt, well that was me doing it to myself. So I just stepped back.
My blogging philosophy, do what you want to do, and f*ck all the rest. Seriously. Your blog is what you make it.
You want to do a thousands memes-go for it. But that’s not my style.
You want to do blog tours/hops/cover reveals day after day- go for it. But again, that’s not my style. I don’t have the urge to fill everyday on my calendar. I post what I want when I want. That may sound kind of asshole-ish. But it’s not. I have authors, bloggers and genres that I like to work with. Sometimes I will do a favor for a friend and fill a spot on tour they are helping with. That’s fine, because sometimes I need that favor, and what else are friends for! I love my blogger friends. Finding reliable blogs to host for tours is hard. Am I a reliable blogger? I try to be, but sometimes I forget, sometimes my job gets in the way, or my book. My daughter most definitely gets in the way. If she thinks Mommy has spent enough time on the computer she comes and grabs my right hand and doesn’t let go.
The truth is that book blogging isn’t easy. But it is fun, if you let it be. The pressure us bloggers feel, yeah it can be overwhelming, but meeting new people passionate about the things I am passionate about-beyond incredible. Having an outlet for my crazy. Win!
The past year has all been a learning experience. I have learned what I am capable. I am writing a book, and everyday I grow more as a person. It truly has been a great year.
I happen to work for one of the best bloggers out there. Not just book blogger, but a blogger. Parajunkee works hard. I mean that. She works hard, and it shows. She pays attention to her rank, her SEO, her influence. And that’s awesome. But I can’t do that. If I did that I would spend most of my days crying in the shower. We here at Contagious Reads are small potatoes. But I do love learning from her, and I appreciate that she took a chance on an unknown blogger and gave me a place on her blog to promote indie authors and books.
So what have I learned from this past year. None of any of this matters if no one is reading it. True. I’ve also learned to just go with the flow. So one week I only post once. Big deal. I may lose readers that way, but I have a core group of girls that have been here since the beginning, and no amount of memes, giveaways, and blog tours can build a group like them. They put up with my foul mouth, my moodiness, my neglect, and my loca-ness. I’ve gained some of the best, most supportive friends from this whole experience, and I wouldn’t trade them for page views or amazing ARC’s. I love being on facebook and talking to them. Some of them are authors, some are other bloggers, but most of them are my readers. Most of them are YOU! And besides my daughter, and family. YOU are the best thing that has happened to me this year.

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  • Happy blogiversary! <3

  • Congrats on your one year blogiversary! So true sometimes it’s hard to take a step back or not stress out. So happy you have found a way to handle everything in a way that makes you happy. Hope you have another great blogging year and I can’t wait to see what your second blogging year brings.

    Congrats again form Reese’s @Reese’s Reviews: MA2F

  • Ren

    HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, SLUT!!!!! I love you <3