What’s with all the female writers?

May 29, 2012 dudes we love to read, general update, lady writers 1

I am reading Blood by one of my new favorite authors Kody Boye. After I finished reading for the night last night I started thinking about my reading habits. I realized I read almost exclusively female writers. I can list the male writers I have read in the last year. Harry Shannon, Kody Boye, Stephen King, J.L. Bryan, R.G Richards, George RR Martin, Nick James and Jonathan Mayberry. Oh and the dude that wrote Alice in Deadland. That’s roughly 11 of the 75 of the books I have read so far for 2012. (I read Mr. Martin last summer so he doesn’t count).  I do not consciously do this. I do not search out female writers. It just happens to land that way. Is it because more female writers self publish? Do more female writers write in my favorite genre(s)? I really don’t know. So I am planning on reading and review a few books by some male indies this month. Starting with Kody Boye’s Blood. Then I think I am going to read everything that Logan Rutherford has put out. He has a ton of free shorts on Amazon. Also the first two books of his Visitors Trilogy are out! He is only 17 and a HUGE Tamara Rose Blodgett fan (like me)!!! So that’s what you have to look forward to from me in the next week!
*I am also reading a GREAT book by Katie Andrews Potter called Going Over Home. It’s not due out until July.

*Also look for our reviews of The Hungry by Stephen Booth and Harry Shannon. When I talked to Mr. Shannon last winter he says there is a sequel due out this summer!!!
*Don’t forget to enter to win Deathly Contagious. It’s one of the best Zombie novels out there.  Just follow our blog and leave us a comment!
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  • I love when I find a great male author. Rick Riordan is one of my all-time favorites. I’ll have to check out your giveaway, too. I love a good zombie book.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I’m following you now as well. 🙂