Wool Part 2

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I’m back for round two with this baby!!! My final star rating? 5 HUGE Stars!!!*****!!!

I know I know my first review lacked my normal sparkle. To be honest guys I’ve been feeling down in the dumps. I realized today that I have not finished more than 2 or 3 books this WHOLE month. Unacceptable. Ugh. I’m not even talking about the fucking amazeballs book!!! It is amazeballs.

I had some super awesome quotes and shit picked out for this part of the review but I left my kindle in the bedroom. Right next to the sleeping baby (she’s really 2). Yeah, Momma is not going there. So suffer with me as I talk about this book as a whole. As a matter of fact disregard my first part review altogether.

Short refresher synopsis. Wool follows the lives of a key group of people as they live their lives in a silo. It’s billed as post apocalyptic. While it is indeed that. It does not have the sweeping dead cities that we have come to expect in our normal apocalypse novels. This is the omnibus edition. Which I suggest you go out and buy. Like now. Don’t dick around with the individual episodes, ya wankers. Go for the whole taco.

The writing is blow me away I’m in another world heaven. It was good. Like crack…only I’ve never tried crack…so it was good like chocolate. Only there are no nasty side affects from reading this. Unless of course, you consider thinking a nasty side affect. Is it effects or affects here? My brain doesn’t know. Oh well, you get my drift ya grammar Nazis.
The plot twists and turns and throws everything out the window. It’s kinda like a Rhiannon Frater novel. Your riding along in your happy little dark world and then shit hits the fan. Much like Rhiannon’s work the ending is very umm loose and leaves A LOT to the imagination of the readers. Ugh. Yay. Ugh. Maybe. Howey says at the back of the book that this is not the end. Well, I certainly hope not.

Just by chance you are wondering this book has nothing to do with literal wool. It’s the figurative kind…you know the saying.

The characters. Were they super 3D? No. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some complex humans in this book. Juliette being the star of the show. I think I found the villain lacking complexity the most. He had one moment…one single moment where he got deep. It came late, too late.

The setting was the most complex of all of the characters in the book. Yes, setting can be a character. At least to me. If the world built in the book doesn’t speak to me then I’m done. I can’t stand cardboard cut out props in novels. There are no worries here. The scenery never changes. Even when it changes it doesn’t. (Just read the dang book, it will make sense then). By mid way through I had a real bad case of cabin fever. I cannot imagine living in that damn silo. I hate stairs. No, it’s not because I lack *ahem* fitness. I’m actually afraid of them. Every night before falling asleep I have an image of myself falling down the stairs of my apartment. It’s creepy. So the thought of having so many stairs it takes DAYS to travel from top to bottom. Yeah, that scares me.
The setting in many ways reminded me of STARGATE UNIVERSE. Yes, I watched that show. Or for all us bookish folks ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis. I love the idea of these broken ancient (technically anything over 150 years old) things that take human ingenuity and cooperation to keep afloat. At the same time I fear being stuck on something like that.

Overall I am really glad that I picked this omnibus up. It was definitely worth the $6 dollars and days I spent reading it. I highly recommend it.

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