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I often get asked to recommend zombie books. (gee I wonder why?) While I am not as well versed in main stream zombie books as the Bookish Brunette (she is the Zombie Queen, ya know?). I have read some amazingly epic zombie reads. Both traditionally published and indie. I thought I would put up this quick guide to some great z books.

Zombie Apocalypse: These are the books in which the zombies are every where. Every turn. Lurking in the background and free to eat brains. The order I list these has no bearing whatsoever on my feelings for the book btw. Also I realize some are not traditional zombie tales ie Enclave and The Other Life…Zombie really is a general term that sorta includes all of these books.




This is not an all inclusive list of all the zombie books I have read. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I think these books are excellent.
Next up is a list of books that have zombies in them. I guess we could call them non apocalyptic zombie reads. They usually zombie characters being controlled by a necromancer or government.


While not traditionally a zombie book I’d feel remiss if I leave Alexia Purdy’s Reign of Blood off of this list. Her rabid vampires are such a brilliant mix of zombie and vampire. Zompires!!!!

I am not a fan of the Zombie Love Interest….however these books are super popular. I did like the first book in this series but was unable to finish the second.

The amount of books here should keep you all in zombie heaven until I put up zombie books part 2. I’m already thinking of a bunch of books I missed on this list. 😀 (like Amanda Hocking’s Hollowmen?)
Until next time…….

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  • One you should give a go, is Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts. The sequel, Rage Within, is coming out in a couple weeks.
    Not your typical zombie read. I love the originality! The characters are flawed, which just makes them more perfect.

    • Yess….I am so going to go check it out. RIght after I make lunch for all the starving children!

    • Kids need to eat?! Here I was thinking that my kids could watch themselves. Books, however, need my attention ALL THE TIME! 😉

  • LOL. This is why I make lunch so early. That way I can start quiet time earlier and get back to my book!!!

  • I am pleased by the amount of Rhiannon Frater in this list! Bravo!

    • I’m obessed with Rhiannon Frater! I have loved everything she has written.

  • Lovely Lori!!! Gorgeous Blog! :D:D Nice job….

    <3 Tamara