#Zombie Rights Campaign

October 14, 2014 Feature 0

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For 11 months of the year, zombies are forced to live in appalling conditions. Halloween is their only taste of freedom and the UK Zombie Rights campaign think it’s time to stamp out this prejudice. The zombie revolution is all about bringing together the walkers and the friends of the dead who hold the same fundamental belief; that zombies deserve basic rights!

The campaign has already gathered troops in Leeds and Manchester through their protests and will soon be heading down to London.

Support and read more on the campaign: http://www.fancydressball.co.uk/zombies/manifesto.html

I am super jealous that we don’t have anyone fighting for Zombie Rights anywhere near me in the States. I so wish I could hop on  a flight and go to London to help out. Since I can’t I just signed my ole’ name to the petition, and you can too! Fight for our undead brothers and sisters!

Zombies are people too!!! 

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